Girls’ XC Farewells

Dear girls’ XC, 

Thank you for making these the best years of our BLS experience. The Saturday morning ten mile runs, freezing cold start lines before races and track workouts on hot August days have pushed us to become the best runners and teammates we could be. These experiences have brought together a special group of girls we are lucky to call our best friends. Together we have accomplished so much that we never thought was possible. From starting out as one of the worst teams in the DCL, to ranking number two in the state, this team has shown us what hard work, commitment and grit can bring. It has been an honor to wear that one of a kind jersey designed by Coach Meagher. We are so grateful to have had one last season with the best team at BLS. 

And remember, “If people say your dreams are crazy, good. Stay that way.” – Colin Kaepernick



Lucy Abdow, Rose Cusack and Sam Everett