Girls’ Soccer Farewell


To BLS girls’ soccer:


We know this was not the typical soccer season, and we know this season was definitely not what we wanted, but you stuck with us through it all and for that, we cannot thank you enough. By showing up to the minimal practices we were allowed to have with a smile on all of your faces, despite knowing we wouldn’t have any games, we were reminded why we love this sport. We are sisters who always have each other’s backs, even when a global pandemic hits and even though we didn’t get to win the Halloween contest this year or pretend to be the best singers at BLS as we drove home from all of our games, win or lose, screaming the lyrics to every throwback song, giving all the strangers on the streets a personal show, we got to be together during this fall season and that is truly all that matters. Next year, get that banner and make us proud girls!


We love you and can’t wait to see what next year brings and “Don’t Stop Believin’!”



Your captains: Brielle Sullivan, Sofia Serig & Ellie Goodfield