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BLS Theatre clowns around in A Clown Show About Rain. (Source: Alex Strand (II)

BLS Theatre’s “Clown Show” Is No Joke

By Rachel Roncka (I) and Bryanna Upton (II) April 17, 2022

Overalls, camping chairs, sandwiches and... silence? All are vital components of the Boston Latin School Theatre Department’s production of A Clown Show About Rain. A sharp contrast from their other...

The Art of Banksy showcases Banksy’s work Flower Thrower. (Source: Mary Bosch (II))

Boston’s Banksy Exhibit Prioritizes Profit

By Mary Bosch (II) and Hannah Oh (II) April 17, 2022

What is more important, authenticity or exposure? The Art of Banksy certainly favors the latter. This exhibit in Harvard Square features over 100 original Banksy works that are allegedly worth 35 million...

(Source: Kelsey Chen (I))

Kelsey and Maggie’s Corner

By Kelsey Chen (I) and Maggie Olson (I) April 17, 2022

What do you do if someone from a previous school suddenly texted you and you don’t remember who they are? - Jeremy Hello there Jeremy, Well, don’t you know that they’re someone from your old school? If...

Kuchen Cook-Off Makes a Comeback

By Maddie Murphy (I), Contributing Writer April 17, 2022

Who: German Club What: Annual Kuchen Cook-Off Where: Dining Hall When: March 21, 2022 The winner of this year’s German Kuchen Cook-Off (Konditormeister) was Brigitte Currier (VI), who entered the...

Students create and release music on streaming platforms. (Source: Spotify)

BLS Producers Share Their Music

By Yongyu Qiu (II) and Harrison Tran (II) April 17, 2022

In recent years, music streaming apps have especially spiked in usage, and most users are growing tired of their overplayed songs and dry playlists. Despite the impact of COVID-19, the music industry has...

(Source: Jordi Koalitic)

Sound of Seul: Mainstream Sellout by Machine Gun Kelly

By Ellis Seul (II), Head Editor April 17, 2022

March 25, 2022 Genre: Pop Punk Tolerable Songs: “born with horns,” “ay!,” “fake love don’t last” Rating: 0.5/10   We may only be a quarter of the way into the year, but with Mainstream...

(Source: Mary Bosch (II))

Artist Spotlight: Bailey Wright (I)

Bailey Wright (I) is no stranger to the arts. She has been a part of Boston Latin School’s Theatre program since 2018 and has participated in many theatrical performances, including the 2020 play, My...

Watch Turning Red! (Source: Disney+)

Turning Red and the Trials of Growing Up

By Zoe Colimon (III) and Parker Hastings (III) April 17, 2022

Pixar’s Turning Red is taking the world by storm with its raw, unfiltered depiction of growing up. The film follows Meilin “Mei” Lee, a dorky, bold 13-year-old voiced by Rosalie Chiang. Shortly after...

Big Band Brings Home a Big Win

By Catherine Cox (IV), Staff Writer April 16, 2022

As annual spring traditions return, Boston Latin School Big Band have picked up right where they left off, performing at the Massachusetts Association for Jazz Education’s (MAJE) Cape Cod District Festival....

See pieces like TCB (1970) above until July 24! (Source: Mel Taing)

Napoleon Jones-Henderson Honors Black History in Art

By Rachel Roncka (I) and Yongyu Qiu (II) March 13, 2022

Contemporary art provides opportunities to reflect on the complex issues that shape our world and society. Many contemporary artists also tend to explore their cultural and personal identity through their...

The Boston Saxophone Quartet appears with the Noteworthy Scholar Finalists. (Source: Edie Muller Snyder)

BLS Musicians Impress in Noteworthy Scholars Contest

By Eliza Duff-Wender (II) and Bryanna Upton (II) March 13, 2022

One of Boston Latin School’s most recent musical triumphs came from three students’ performances at the Noteworthy Scholars Competition. This music composition contest ended with a showcase of the...

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