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(Source: Sophia Knobel (IV))

Spotlight on Saffron Lam (I)

By Sophia Fortuin (IV) & Sophia Knobel (IV), Contributing Writers April 12, 2024

Saffron Lam (I) had their first taste of visual art in elementary school. In eighth grade at Boston Latin School, they were inspired by their peers to start taking art more seriously. Now as a senior,...

(Source: Evan Ding (III))

Evan Ding (III) Rings Bell as National STEM Champion

By Meilin Sha (V), Contributing Writer March 24, 2024

In early February, Evan Ding (III) was selected as a National STEM Champion, winning an all-expenses-paid trip to the National STEM Festival in Washington, D.C. Ding was surprised with the news when he...

(Source: Alice Li (IV))

All-State Violinist Iris Tian (II) Plays into Artistic Identity

By Mindy Luong (I), Staff Writer March 24, 2024

Congratulations to Iris Tian (II) for passing both Senior Districts and the Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) All-State audition for violin! Tian currently plays for the Boston Latin School...

(Source: Serge Timacheff)

Sumus Primi: Steven Miall (II) Excels in Fencing

By Sameena Ballal (IV), Contributing Writer March 24, 2024

Though something like Disney Juniormight be the top choice for any other seven-year-old, for Steven Miall (II), fencing at that age is what led him to become the Junior National Fencing Champion. Having...

(Source: Preston Musoke (I))

Spotlight on… Alex Green Barrios (I)

By Julia Sax (I), Eliza Knight Bairstow (III) & Alice Fragasso (III), Staff Writer and Contributing Writers February 9, 2024

Alex Greene Barrios (I), known to many as AGB, first started wrestling at the age of seven. A decade later, he is a decorated wrestler, who has recently received his 100th win and led his team to capture...

(Source: Ibrahim Dagher (II))

Spotlight on Colin Fisher (I)

By Sadie Audia (I) & Liam Sullivan (II), Contributing Writers January 23, 2024

Colin Fisher (I), a star runner at Boston Latin School, has committed to Brown University for cross country and track and field, and will compete on the school’s National Collegiate Athletic Association...

(Source: Lee Daniel Tran)

Artist Spotlight: Annabelle Kayla Lee (I)

By Catherine Cox (III), Staff Writer June 23, 2023

The Boston Latin School community is, without a doubt, home to many talented individuals. Within the Visual and Performing Arts department, Annabelle Lee (I) stands out for their exceptional talent both...

Spotlight on Caitlin Donovan (I)

Spotlight on Caitlin Donovan (I)

By Mary Bosch (I), Head Editor June 23, 2023

In the days leading up to my first day at BLS, I got a follow request from Caitlin Donovan. I usually didn’t accept people I didn’t know, but since she was going to BLS too, I thought, why...

Spotlight on Justine Wei (I)

Spotlight on Justine Wei (I)

By Fiona Yuan (II), Head Editor June 23, 2023

Perhaps she may come off as quiet. Shy, even. But if these are the only adjectives you are using to describe Justine Jiaxi Wei, then you’re just slightly misguided. If you had the pleasure of...

(Source: Dimitra Minasidis (IV))

Spotlight on… BLS’s Favorite Food Vendor!

By Brian Xu (VI), Contributing Writer June 23, 2023

Mr. James Bennett, the owner of Jimmy’s Catering, the food truck stationed in the faculty parking lot in the early mornings at Boston Latin School, is recognized for his essential role in selling food...

Spotlight on Mason Choi (III)

Spotlight on Mason Choi (III)

By Ailin Sha (III) and Emily Yu (III) June 23, 2023

If life were transformed into a script of code, Mason’s first line would surely be: System.out.println(“Hello, world!!!”); with three exclamation points and a smiley face. Although it may...

Spotlight on Helena Huynh (I)

Spotlight on Helena Huynh (I)

By Lily Huynh (II) and Alex Lam (II) June 23, 2023

My earliest memory of Helena was in the school weight room when she walked up to me and asked for my vote for her to be the Powerlifting Club’s president. In return, I would receive her vote...

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