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Spotlight on Ms. Vasquez

By Thomas Blanchet (IV) and David Wang (VI) May 10, 2023

Boston Latin School social worker Ms. Ginnelle Vasquez was recently recognized by the Boston Teachers Union (BTU) with an Oscar. Ms. Vasquez won the award for her participation in a working group within...

(Source: Alex Strand (I))

Senior Spotlight on Winnie Yuan (I)

By Catherine Cox (III) and Kassidi Thompson (I) May 10, 2023

Various forms of artistic expression — visual arts, music and dance — shine throughout the Boston Latin School community. It is rare, however, for an individual to embody talent in all three areas....

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Q&A with Dining Hall Staff…Ms. Lisa Adamson

By Joanna Lin (II), Head Editor March 28, 2023

Joanna: What are some challenges of working in the dining hall? Lisa: Our goal is to feed every child. So, it’s hard when you don’t know how many kids are going to come to lunch or if there’s a...

Congresswoman Pressley signs off on Nguyen’s commitment. (Photo Credit: @blsthrives)

Bryant Nguyen Heads West!

By Lena Thai (III) and Meilin Sha (VI) March 28, 2023

In early February, Bryant Nguyen (I) was accepted into West Point Academy, a prestigious college known for its immersion in rigorous academics and military training. Nguyen became interested in West...

(Source: Eric Hay-Sutton)

Spotlight on Girish Raghunathan (I)

By Rachel Li (IV), Contributing Writer March 27, 2023

Not many high-school student-athletes go on to play their sport at a collegiate level like how Boston Latin School boys’ varsity soccer player Girish Raghunathan (I) plans to. After making the varsity...

(Source: Karen Dong (I))

Artist Spotlight: Nathan Zhang (I)

By Yongyu Qiu (I), Staff Writer February 6, 2023

From playing the piano and trumpet to drums and guitar, Nathan Zhang (I) has done it all. At the age of five, he started learning the piano, which he hated at the time. As he grew older, however, he developed...

(Photo Credit: Andrew Ye (II))

Spotlight on Kate Lincecum (IV)

By Christopher Choy (V), Contributing Writer February 6, 2023

Powerlifting is an extremely underrated sport among Boston Latin Students. Kate Lincecum (IV), however, joined powerlifting in the spring of seventh grade and has had an amazing experience with the program. Her...

Spotlight on Honora Pollard (I)

Spotlight on Honora Pollard (I)

By Yongyu Qiu (I) and Alice Li (V) November 25, 2022

From secretly sneaking index cards under a desk to draw on in fourth grade to taking Advanced Placement Studio Art at Boston Latin School, Honora Pollard (I) has come a long way. They have cultivated their...

Spotlight on Sasha Bornhorst (I)

Spotlight on Sasha Bornhorst (I)

By Christopher Choy (V), Contributing Writer November 25, 2022

Boston Latin School athletes rarely take their talents to Division 1 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, but Sasha Bornhorst (I) is an exception. Next year, Bornhorst will attend the College...

Spotlight on the Student Agenda Designers

By Irene Deng (I) and Ellis Seul (I) October 2, 2022

Tony Zhang (III) The front cover of Boston Latin School’s 2022-2023 agenda book features four vertical rectangles, topped by two horizontal ones. At first glance, the design looks like one column....

Senior Spotlight on Cippara Abraham

Senior Spotlight on Cippara Abraham

By Maisha Kazi (I), Contributing Writer June 19, 2022

For those of you who are familiar with her, you already know that Cippara Abraham is, to say the least, QUITE the character. This is the girl whose sneeze could be heard by the entire cluster, the girl...

Senior Spotlight on Emma Lu

Senior Spotlight on Emma Lu

By Rachel Roncka (I) and Sanjana Singh (I) June 19, 2022

When I first met Emma in sixie year gym class, I had no idea that I was in the presence of both an artistic and academic genius. The remarkable thing about Emma is that she can do practically anything...

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