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The Student News Site of Boston Latin School

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The Student News Site of Boston Latin School

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The BLS Special Education department is located in Room 207A. (Source: Ben Choi-Harris (II))

Investigating IEPs and 504s within BLS

By Angelina Tang (III) & Mark Snekvik (II), Contributing Writer and Staff Writer April 12, 2024

During an assessment, you may have heard your teacher mention that some students may have extra time to complete it; but why is that so? Extra time is one of the most common accommodations that come with...

Voters drop mail-in-ballots into ballot boxes. (Source: George Frey)

Get Your Head in the Voting Game

By Louis Nguyen (III) & Jialiang Zhu (III), Contributing Writers April 12, 2024

In American democracy, voting is not just a right: it is a foundational act of citizenship. As young Americans reach voting age, however, many step into the poll booth with uncertainty, largely due to...

A student fills out scholarship application form. (Source: Ben Choi-Harris (II))

All Pain, No Gain: Stay Losing with Scholarships

By Ariel Mura (II), Staff Writer April 12, 2024

Although the college admissions process dominates student life in the fall, springtime for high school seniors is supposed to be a rewarding contrast, when students finally see their years of preparation...

Test Your Civics Knowledge!

By Michelle Wang (II) & Hannah Stoll (II), Head Editor and Assistant Editor April 12, 2024

Are you ready to fufill your duties as an American citizen? Try these modified questions from the United States Citzenship Test to see how you do!   What is the supreme law of the land? a. The...

(Source: Street Civics)

Zooming In: Civics Education at BLS

By Ellie Fung (V), Contributing Writer April 12, 2024

Across the country, students learn about government, the constitution and the rights and responsibilities of a citizen. For Boston Latin School students, civic education will likely spark memories of their...

Rain Parcell (III) tries the Apple Vision Pro in the Apple Store. (Source: Tristan Obsequio (III))

Take a Byte of the Apple

By Angelina Wei (III), Staff Writer April 12, 2024

In a rapidly evolving world of technology, the new Apple Vision Pro has to be the next major leap forward in technological advancement, igniting both widespread fears of a dystopian society dominated by...

Boston, a coastal city, is a potential flood zone for rising sea levels. (Source: Juergen Roth)

Climate Consciousness: Mitigation or Adaptation?

By Zoe Colimon (I) & Brandon Flores (III), Assistant A&E Editor and Staff Writer April 12, 2024

For centuries, humans have been fascinated by the battle between mankind and nature. Modern technology provides society with an unprecedented ability to handle natural disasters, but nature still seems...

This worker enters a sale on the cash register. (Source: Shutterstock)

This Summer, Consider Working a Service Job

By Avani Shah (II), Contributing Writer April 12, 2024

How does a seemingly low-stakes job such as working in an ice cream shop or at a summer camp live up to the seemingly exceptional internships offered at Boston Children’s Hospital or the Massachusetts...

Nowadays, vegan food is widely available to meet dietary restrictions. (Source: Isabella Endozo (IV))

Going Vegan? Consider it Carefully!

By Harry Dinh (V), Contributing Writer April 12, 2024

Veganism is a controversial idea that evokes many different thoughts and feelings. Veganism is the practice of refraining from eating and using any animal products, including meat, eggs and dairy. Often,...

Instagram is a great place to spread awareness, but does it really help? (Source: Sophia Knobel (IV))


By Louis Nguyen (III), Contributing Writer March 24, 2024

In an era dominated by hashtags and Instagram stories, activism seems to have found a home on the screens of Generation Z. Given how simple it is to use the term “activist” online, what does it actually...

Onslaughts of late-night notifications deteriorate students’ work-life balance. (Source: Ryan Liu (VI))

Get Offline to Grow Your Mind!

By Fathia Shodeyi (IV), Contributing Writer March 24, 2024

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, digital learning platforms have become a more popular way of teaching in schools. Websites like Google Classroom, DeltaMath and Edpuzzle are often incorporated...

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