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Yes, BPS Should Lift Its Mask Mandate

By Thomas Oakes (IV), Contributing Writer April 17, 2022

Within a week of Governor Charlie Baker’s announcement that the statewide mask mandate for schools would be lifted, over 120 school districts across Massachusetts announced they would be lifting mandatory...

Public works employees bulldoze Mass and Cass residences. (Source: Rodrique Ngowi)

Boston’s Policies Are Not Stopping Homelessness

By Selina Tang (II), Staff Writer April 17, 2022

At the physical intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard lies the intersection of Boston’s homeless, gentrification and substance abuse problems. On January 12, the City of Boston...

At Tao’s, a beauty store in Chinatown, Sanrio products fill the shelves. (Source: Lily Huynh (III))

Why Japan Made Its “Cute Culture” Such a Hit

By Catherine Wang (II), Staff Writer April 17, 2022

From Honda to Nikon, or Sanrio to Nintendo, Japanese brands are ubiquitous in America with a reputation for quality and reliability, producing and exporting tons of consumer goods every year. In addition...

FemInSTEM members create lava lamps together. (Source: Suzanna Semaan (I))

Our Society Is Engineered for Men

By Fiona Yuan (III), Staff Writer April 17, 2022

“Raise your hand if you’re a woman in science who’s had to choose between missing out or wearing ill-fitting uniforms, safety equipment, or outdoor gear made for men because that’s all that was...

White supremacists gather on West Broadway at the South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. (Source:

Boston Still Has a White Supremacy Problem

By Michelle Wang (IV), Staff Writer April 17, 2022

During this year’s South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day parade, people displaying neo-Nazi symbols were seen holding up a “Keep Boston Irish” sign, one of many instances of white supremacy tainting...

Let Seniors Chill Out, Not Burn Out

By Mary Harrington (II), Contributing Writer April 17, 2022

As seniors near the end of their Boston Latin School careers, the pressures for them are at an all-time high. While some seniors have already committed to colleges, others still are focused on making this...

Self-Studying for APs Is Worth It

Self-Studying for APs Is Worth It

By Jessie Wang (III) & Denis Cunniffe (III), Staff Writer and Contributing Writer April 17, 2022

For many students, self-studying for AP tests is the only way to explore subjects that they otherwise would not be able to take. This convenient strategy should be supported by Boston Latin School administration,...

The Groovier Way to Grow

By Amy Cui (III) & Neil Jin (III), Contributing Writers April 17, 2022

Every day, Boston Latin School students are welcomed by the large Freight Farm shipping container in the BLS schoolyard, but only a handful know about the vast potential that this urban farming container...

No, BPS Should Not Lift Its Mask Mandate

By Mia White (III), Contributing Writer April 16, 2022

In the past few years, the subject of mask-wearing has been a constant source of debate. Masks are an essential part of keeping COVID-19 cases at a minimum, proven time and time again by the recent surges...

Media Monopolies Manipulate Their Users

By Hannah Stoll (IV) and Thomas Oakes (IV) March 12, 2022

The emergence of powerful media monoliths such as Facebook and Spotify has proved to be a threat to consumers. These monopolies will always have an excess of influence over consumers. When a single company...

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