Boys XC Farewell

Dear Boys XC,


It was a great run…. in all seriousness, I genuinely loved every second of each practice, race, and MassArt dinner. When Joe Jackson and I joined cross country last year, we really didn’t know what to expect; we both had had a lot of fun on the track, and we, surprisingly, wanted to do even more running. Cross country was a different beast; the 50 mile weeks, the 8 by 800 meter workouts, the hill repeats on Summit Ave, often had me asking myself what on Earth am I doing this for. In those moments, however, I would think back to our overnight trip to Manhattan, to Twilight, to the laughs we had about Dennis being late to every single practice, and I realized why I was here, pushing myself. Each race, I would look to my right and left to see my closest friends, the people I did this for. During the race, the girls team would be out there screaming for us, right after pushing themselves to the limit in their own race. I know we couldn’t accomplish the goals we set for ourselves this year thanks to the shutdown, as both individuals and as teams, but I am infinitely grateful for the season we had, and worked for. 


-Tommy White

XC practice meets have adapted to social distancing, like other sports.