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Wolfpack Afterschool

Wolfpack Afterschool is a program for Class VI students who would benefit from a structured environment for completing homework assignments. The program...

After-School Tutoring

After-school tutoring is a program where students support other students with homework assignments. Tutoring runs after school Monday to Thursday from...

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BLS Theatre clowns around in A Clown Show About Rain. (Source: Alex Strand (II)
BLS Theatre’s “Clown Show” Is No Joke
By Rachel Roncka (I) and Bryanna Upton (II)

Overalls, camping chairs, sandwiches and... silence? All are vital components of the Boston Latin School Theatre Department’s production of A Clown Show...

The Art of Banksy showcases Banksy’s work Flower Thrower. (Source: Mary Bosch (II))
Boston’s Banksy Exhibit Prioritizes Profit
By Mary Bosch (II) and Hannah Oh (II)

What is more important, authenticity or exposure? The Art of Banksy certainly favors the latter. This exhibit in Harvard Square features over 100 original...

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Public works employees bulldoze Mass and Cass residences. (Source: Rodrique Ngowi)
Boston’s Policies Are Not Stopping Homelessness
By Selina Tang (II), Staff Writer

At the physical intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard lies the intersection of Boston’s homeless, gentrification and substance...

At Tao’s, a beauty store in Chinatown, Sanrio products fill the shelves. (Source: Lily Huynh (III))
Why Japan Made Its “Cute Culture” Such a Hit
By Catherine Wang (II), Staff Writer

From Honda to Nikon, or Sanrio to Nintendo, Japanese brands are ubiquitous in America with a reputation for quality and reliability, producing and exporting...

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BLS girls’ varsity basketball makes their mark on the often male-dominated sport. (Source: Matthew Taylor)
Women in the Male-Dominated Sports World
By Natalie Trapanick (I), Contributing Writer

March Madness is the pinnacle of college basketball and one of the most anticipated tournaments in the world. In 2021, however, March Madness brought up...

Aidan Fitzgerald (I) plays goalie for the BLS boys’ varsity hockey team. (Source: Lyod Young)
Goalies Give It Their All
By Jessica Li (III) & Julia Sax (III), Contributing Writers

When you ask sports fans who their favorite players are, the answers are typically the top scorers, playmakers or defenders. But what about the goalkeepers?...

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