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City Councilor Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu Lays Out Her Plan for Boston Schools
By Mira Yu (III) and Kevin Zhong (IV)

Last Saturday, Boston City Councilor and 2021 mayoral candidate Michelle Wu fielded questions about the topics of BPS exam school admissions and policing...

The new Boston exam school admissions process aims to more accurately reflect the race distribution across Boston in the exam schools.
Exam School Admissions Overhaul
By Alanna Quirk-Aboujaoude (II) and Elyssa Cabey (III)

On October 22, a new plan was voted into place detailing the acceptance process for the three exam schools at the Boston Public Schools.  For the...

Discussions to Drive Out Discrimination
By Joanna Lin (IV) and Halima Mohamed (III)

Recent events have brought long-standing issues regarding racism in America to the forefront of our conversations and sparked schoolwide discussions...

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Parasite (2019) Movie Review
By Elizabeth Choi, A&E Editor

Parasite (2019) directed by Bong Joon-ho   Disclaimer: Parasite is rated R for “language, some violence and sexual content,” according to...

How To Take a Photo
By Andre Weiss, Assistant Photo Editor

 “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This popular proverb refers to the unique way images capture the meaningful points in people’s lives. To...

Donnie Darko (2001), directed by Richard Kelly
Donnie Darko (2001), directed by Richard Kelly
By Penelope Meisel (IV), Contributing Writer

Donnie Darko is a science fiction psychological thriller following teenager Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal). One night, Donnie sleepwalks out of his...

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How does your apparel affect your work?
Stop the Dress Code Stress
By Jessie Wang (IV), Forum Contributing Writer

As virtual learning continues, more and more students are choosing to dress down during class. A student listening to a lecture with a hood on, for...

How to Relieve BLS
How to Relieve BLS's Online Mental Health Crisis
By Cinly Mo (III), Contributing Writer

As the U.S. approaches month eight of the COVID-19 pandemic, students across the country are struggling to care for their mental health.  Social...

The Electoral College: Admissible after All?
The Electoral College: Admissible after All?
By Fiona Yuan (IV), Staff Writer

If there is one thing about American government that, to this day, is still unclear and divides the U.S. heavily, it would be the system that selects...

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Girls' XC Farewells

Dear girls’ XC,  Thank you for making these the best years of our BLS experience. The Saturday morning ten mile runs, freezing cold start lines before...

Girls' Soccer Farewell

  To BLS girls’ soccer:   We know this was not the typical soccer season, and we know this season was definitely not what we wanted,...

Boys' Soccer Farewell

To Boston Latin School Soccer, Every season, it’s easy to get carried away with wins and losses and postseason victories. As more of you worked your...

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