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College applications stand between Class I and freedom. (Source: Parker Hastings (I))
SCOTUS Overturns Affirmative Action
By Kevin Zhong (I), Ailin Sha (II), Sylvia O’Hearn (I) & Mary Deng (III), Head Editors and Assistant Editors

Affirmative action is the practice of considering an applicant’s race in the college admissions process with the goal of increasing opportunities...

Ms. Skerritt stands as the only POC Head of School in BLS history. (Source: Matt Kalinowski)
Reuniting with Ms. Skerritt
By Amanda Ajdini (III) and Weian Xue (V)

Hello, beautiful people! Almost a year has passed since former Head of School Rachel Skerritt (‘95) stepped down in order to spend more time with her...

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The Jimmy Fund cows graze in a pasture. (Source: Lena Thai (II))
Colorful Cows Moo-ve to Boston
By Zoe Colimon (I) & Alice Vi (IV), Assistant Editors

This summer, Boston residents found themselves highly amoosed by the various fiberglass cows that popped up around the city. Not only did these statues...

Plaster molds of the Parthenon feature details forgotten by time. (Source: Parker Hastings (I))
Cast from the Past: Parthenon Temple Frieze
By Penelope Meisel (I) & Lena Thai (II), Head Editors

For centuries, Boston Latin School’s contemporary classical education has sought to maintain the institution’s traditions and values, “provid[ing]...

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Some students choose a social function, others enrich in f(x). (Source: Parker Hastings (I))
Function or f(x)?
By Michelle Wang (II) & Annie Dai (III), Head Editor and Assistant Editor

One’s teenage years are arguably the most challenging period of their life. Not only are adolescents expected to thrive academically and prepare themselves...

Kaitlyn Ho-Tran (I) is no stranger to scary assignments! (Source: Parker Hastings (I))
Stop Putting on a Show: Mental Health Support at BLS
By Jessie Wang (I) & Hannah Stoll (II), Head Editor and Assistant Editor

As much as Boston Latin School emphasizes its rigor and competitive culture, it should also utilize its resources to prioritize students’ mental health....

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Coco Gauff celebrates her win at the 2023 U.S. Open. (Source: Michelle V. Agins/NYT)
Coco Gauff Aces U.S. Open Win
By Caitlin McDonough (I), Assistant Editor

No female American teenager had won the U.S. Open since 1999 until Coco Gauff, 19, defeated number two seed Aryna Sabalenka on September 9, etching herself...

Smooch to Scoot: RFEF Pres. Resigns
By Jessica Li (I), Head Editor

On August 20, the Spanish Women’s National Soccer team won the Women’s World Cup for the first time, triumphing over England 1-0. During the medal...

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