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(Source: Ailin Sha (II)).
BLS Budget Breaks Bank
By Ross Wilson (III) & Abrielle Huang (VI), Staff Writer and Contributing Writer

The School Site Council voted on January 24 to approve the Boston Latin School budget for the fiscal year of 2025. The operating budget will be less than...

Special Education Expands at BLS
By Gabrielle Jang (V), Contributing Writer

Boston Latin School’s special education department is currently expanding with many goals in mind, ultimately hoping to better serve the many middle...

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Percy Jackson makes waves with a new live-action series on Disney+! (Source: Disney+)
Page to Screen: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
By John Clougherty (V) & Anneliese Yu (V), Contributing Writers

Many have come to acknowledge Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians as one of the most iconic young-adult literary series of the past two decades....

Despite its controversies, sampling and interpolation remains a popular mixer of music. (Source: Alicia Moy (I))
Mixing and Mastering: The Art of Interpolation
By Catherine Cox (II) & Julia Morellato (IV), Staff Writer and Contributing Writer

Have you ever felt that feeling of déjà vu when you hear a song? Believe it or not, your mind is not playing tricks on you. With the emerging genre of...

Different cameras made for different occasions and different stories. (Source: Rebecca Hale)
Say “Cheese!”
By Mia White (I), Contributing Writer
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(Source: Alicia Moy (I))
Versus: Is NHS Worth It?

Students have easy access to ChatGPT, Grammarly and Quizlet. (Source: ChatGPT, Quizlet, Grammarly)
Grammarly Can(’t) Help!
By Brandon Flores (III) & Zihang Zhou (III), Contributing Writers

Technology has never advanced so quickly in human history before. With the introduction of grammar and writing assistance powered by artificial intelligence...

Students write New Year’s resolutions to welcome 2024. (Source: Ben Choi-Harris(II))
New Year, Same Old You
By Ariel Mura (II) & Harry Dinh (V), Staff Writer and Contributing Writer
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Alumni Out-Hooped During Break
By Benjamin Jacobson (II), Contributing Writer

The Boston Latin School boys’ varsity basketball team won the New Year’s Day alumni game by three points. When it came down to the last ten seconds,...

The Boston Breakers break through for a goal! (Source: Matthew J. Lee)
Boston Gains New NWSL Team
By Juliet McVay (III), Staff Writer

A potential renovation of White Stadium is currently under review by the Boston Planning and Development Agency, a change that will establish it as the...

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Our Most Recent Paper!
(Source: Ibrahim Dagher (II))
Spotlight on Colin Fisher (I)
By Sadie Audia (I) & Liam Sullivan (II), Contributing Writers
(Source: Lee Daniel Tran)
Artist Spotlight: Annabelle Kayla Lee (I)
By Catherine Cox (III), Staff Writer
Spotlight on Caitlin Donovan (I)
Spotlight on Caitlin Donovan (I)
By Mary Bosch (I), Head Editor
P and Z’s Corner (ft. Michelle and Hannah)
By Zoe Colimon (I), Parker Hastings (I), Hannah Stoll (II) & Michelle Wang (II), Creative Consultants • February 12, 2024

How do you stop caring so much/overthinking about everything? (Ex. Friendships, what other people think, academics, jobs, etc.) PS I love u yall...

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