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Virtual learning continues to take a toll on many students, especially at the end of the term.

The End of Term has Become Too Stressful

By Hannah Stoll (V), Contributing Writer March 21, 2021

In our current learning environment, stress has increased due to more time online and less social interaction. The lack of structure toward the end of the term, moreover, has definitely intensified this...

Many people are questioning Biden's role as the President.

Biden Policy: Less Applause, More Accountability

By Michelle Wang (V) and Alessandra Woo (V) March 21, 2021

President Joe Biden’s approval of airstrikes in Syria has sparked controversy among progressive Democrats. In response to the February 15 rocket attack on the airport in Erbil, in Northern Iraq, which...

College Board is the primary website students use to sign up to take standardized tests for college placement.

College Board: The Monolith Must Come Down

By Alice Zhang (I) and Cinly Mo (III) March 21, 2021

Our government and its institutions have a history of prioritizing profit over people, and College Board is no exception. Almost everywhere you turn, their brand infiltrates our education — from AP classes...


We Need to Stop the Anti-Asian Hate

By Catherine Wang (III) and Fiona Yuan (IV) March 21, 2021

On the morning of January 28, 84-year-old Thai elder Vicha Ratanapakdee was fatally shoved to the ground while on his daily morning walk in San Francisco, California, sparking outrage and protest among...

Yes, It Should.

By Aled Zheng (IV), Contributing Writer March 21, 2021

During his presidential campaign, President Joe Biden promised to forgive 10,000 dollars of student debt for all borrowers. This sparked a debate surrounding the necessity of student debt, but the argument...

No, It Should Not.

By Neil Jin (IV), Contributing Writer March 21, 2021

On March 10, Congress passed a historic stimulus package, which provided 40 billion dollars in financial aid and loan forgiveness for college, a huge boon to the millions of people who are struggling to...

Stop Making Mental Illness a Trend

By Selina Tang (III), Staff Writer March 21, 2021

“Defrosting my anxiety because term three finals are coming up!” “Each Winnie the Pooh character represents a psychological disorder, take this test to figure out which one you are!” These...

Split Schedule Should Be Here to Stay

By Filippo Montanari (VI), Contributing Writer March 21, 2021

Boston Latin School students have been thrown in a loop by virtual learning, but a few game-changing practices have emerged from this period of crisis. Perhaps the biggest change coming from the shift...

Colleges decide if they should remove SAT testing requirements.

Make Test Optional Mandatory

By Gabriella Vasquez (II), Contributing Writer March 21, 2021

With the Boston Latin School hosted SAT coming up on March 24, juniors scramble to prepare for the exam. Through taking and retaking practice tests, they learn how to identify different SAT questions,...

The constant barrage of bad news can leave teens feeling worn out and desensitized to violence. (Source: Rodnae Productions)

Is Social Media Making Us Numb to Violence?

By Catherine Wang (III) and Cinly Mo (III) January 31, 2021

It is not news that most American teenagers are not reading the daily newspaper or listening to radio broadcasts. Instead, social media has become an integral part of the news diet of an increasingly large...

Rioters gather and climb the Capitol's walls. (Photo credit: Lev Radin)

Commentary on the Capitol Siege

By Levi Mattison (I), Contributing Writer January 31, 2021

The rioters who stormed the Capitol are not true Americans. Regardless of one’s politics, everyone should condemn the markedly un-American mob that laid siege to the Capitol on January 6 that Jacob Dietch...

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