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P and Z’s Corner (ft. Michelle and Hannah)

How do you stop caring so much/overthinking about everything? (Ex. Friendships, what other people think, academics, jobs, etc.) PS I love u yall are super cool

There are some things you inevitably have to care about, but for the most part, when I can tell I have a really strong emotion for something/someone, I think out my emotions. What am I having them? Who/what is causing this? If you can answer questions on why you’re thinking about what you are, chances are you have a reason to think! -P

Furthermore, I realize that when I create certain narratives in my head, I look for evidence. For example, If I feel that a friend secretly doesn’t like me, I start analyzing their behavior when in reality, they’re just having a bad day. What I try to remember (in the most blunt way possible) is that not everything is about me. Of course, be nicer to yourself than I am — overthinking is normal. But when it begins to take you out of the present, you start missing out on the experiences that are super precious! -Z

He calls me his girlfriend but hasn’t asked me and doesn’t say we’re together?

Talk to him about it!!!!! Communication is key. – H

PREACH! If he calls you his girlfriend he either:

  1. Wants you sooooo bad.
  2. Doesn’t understand what that label means.
  3. Gay 


  1. Immature af drop him


Does he say girlfriend? Or girl friend? -P


Or “gurl frienddddddd”?



where to get a valentines love in t-minus 2 weeks – in need of a valentines

The freezer section at the grocery store! I’m a big fan of Phish Food from Ben & Jerry’s, but if you don’t like chunks in your dessert, Talenti has good smooth ice cream. -P

Or, if you wanna get CRAZY, go to the stuffie section in Target and pick out the fluffiest plush you can find.

You could also read some feminist literature if you’re feeling innovative and wait for someone to approach you and ask you something philosophical. Like a free thinker, dare I say. That’s what I do (I’m 6’2).

(JK i have a girlfriend) -Z

how do i secretly drop hints to my crush to ask me out for valentine’s day? – hmmm

Don’t drop a hint, drop the nuke that is your sentiment.

Just ask. Worst thing you hear is no and then you forget about it in 3 weeks. And I know it’s not that serious but also playing the mind game is gonna drive you crazyyyyyy. -Z

how do i make someone like me

Don’t force people to like you. Creating your identity solely on what others enjoy or like will destroy any sense of self you have. -P

If something is gonna happen it will happen naturally so don’t sweat it; forcing things will result in a LOT of hurt feelings. – H

Agreed. I also always say that you attract what you are. If you give off a confident energy, people will naturally gravitate toward you! -Z

Or…write their name on a piece of paper 13 times, fold it three times facing you, spray perfume on it, and sleep with it under your pillow.-M

how to get a gf

Get gud.

No, but seriously; if you seek it out you won’t find the right person for you. I’ve found that you attract the best people by being your authentic self.

There’s also no rush! You could end up getting with someone just for the sake of having a girlfriend and then the relationship SUCKS. (Not speaking from experience). -Z

This is so me. – H

Hit Hannah uppppppp -M

Someone hop into Hannah’s DMs!!! -Z

i truly love this kid but idk if he likes me and idk how to actually talk 2 him (like talking stage) – in a way thats not as just friends. and my friends have said they think he likes me. but idk how to tell if thats true. Pls help i want a man

Just for insurance, I would tread lightly even if all of their friends say he likes you. The only true source is him, himself. In terms of conversing and hanging out: What are your hobbies? What are his? What could the two of you do together that would be enjoyable? -P

Exactly, do you want a man or do you want THIS man? If it’s this man specifically, I would honestly just start being bolder. I know that is easier said than done, but I’ve been most successful by just being myself and saying what I want and praying that the person I’m talking to doesn’t run away…

As P said, the only true source is him. And I know that is scary, but I still think that you will be the most productive by going to the source — even if that is a little scary. -Z

how do you give advice to someone who is delusional without being mean?

Delusion is harmful, not only to your friend, but to you as well. It can sometimes create the feeling that “oh my god my friend only cares about this one thing or purpose or person,” and suddenly all of your friendship feels like it’s being wiped off the table and reset with new dinnerware plagued by their delusion. If you value your friend, and vice versa, your advice for them won’t be mean, even if situationally, they may seem mean. Your intent should be that even at the end of your friend’s delusion, you’re still there to be their friend. -P

Exactly. And if that friendship is valuable to the other friend as well, they will hear you out (and apologize for any mistakes on their end). And as Parker said, you’re their friend! It’s your job to check up on them, give them the words that are hard to hear, and then be there for them to lean on when they actually take the advice that is soooo hard for either of you to dissect. -Z

Reality checking your friend is always hard, but a true friend will hear you out and understand that you’re looking out for them. If anyone were to break the truth to them, it should be you.


is 1+1 actually two⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

Hm. Let’s break this down shall we. 

It depends on how many children ur planning for 🙏 – H

I genuinely cannot think of something witty to say. Ask ChatGPT? -Z’

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