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The Student News Site of Boston Latin School

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The Student News Site of Boston Latin School

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Z and P’s Corner

How to pass APUSH with a certain someone as the teacher?

Z: That’s a great question. I do not know and do not plan to take APUSH!!

P: Dear “struggling student,” APUSH is difficult regardless of the teacher; Heimler’s History is your best friend. 

Is it weird to just stop talking to one of your friends without explanation? Like even if you felt they did something wrong, isn’t it better to just say that rather than talk about them in group chats knowing you’d never publicly say certain things?

Z: First of all, you do not owe anyone your company if they haven’t been a good friend.

P: On top of that — ppl who talk about their friends with their other friends are not worth your time

Z: Preach parkie poo 🙂 

However, it may be worth getting some closure, you know. Have SOME sort of conversation if you’re still not feeling good after you ghost them. 

P: You’re better off finding a new friend group that doesn’t actively upset you. If you’re looking for new friends, join the Argo. Z and I will be your new friend group.

Z: Once again, PREACH! 

Is it wrong to tell someone to help themselves before trying to give advice to others? Like if you don’t study or put effort into your classes, why try and tell other people how to?


Z: Nothing makes my blood boil more than someone trying to talk about things they know NOTHING about. Personally, I only get advice from people that I think are qualified to give it. 

P: Sometimes you gotta give someone  privilege of getting humbled. Take the risk, and, Let. Them. Know.

Z: And if they still don’t get the feedback — they’re not worth your time. It’s true that some people just have trouble taking their own advice, but at the end of the day, if it’s hurting YOU as their friend, it’s not worth your time.

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