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P and Z’s Corner (ft. Michelle and Cal)

How do I get with my hallway crush?

P: As an ex-deluded person here are the steps to bagging hallway crushes:

I. Plan eye contact.

II. Figure out where they are in between classes.

III. Find out study period and/or lunch blocks.

IV. Infiltrate friend groups and/or lunch lines, and make sure you guys talk all the time.

V. Upon strong friendship, make your move.

VI. Worst case scenario, you just have a really good new friend!

M&C: What hallway crushes are you seeing?? Please put us on.

What’s the worst outfit you’ve ever worn to school?

— J-money

C: I’ve been told it’s not acceptable to wear beat-up Nike slides without socks to school.

M: I can confirm that his toes are pretty much dragging on the floor when he wears them. The smell is revolting.

I have a crush on this junior…@chat does he like me?

— Sophomore

P: It depends, are you a little delusional? Like, do you want him to like you?

Z: There are a lot of factors in play, would he be attracted to you? Or like, what’s the purpose of this crush? Is it driven by cuffing season? (shameless article plug, flip to page 6!)

P: Going back to evidence provided, the way he looked at you can really deliver a certain message. Z, you know what I mean. Remember how ***** looked at you in Spanish? lol

Z: Yea … Yea … that’s so true.

P: So quite possibly yes, we (chat) believe he may like you.

M&C: If you’re asking, then no. Out of curiosity … who is it?

M: I can put you on!!!!!

C: Is it me?

My best friend tried to get with my boyfriend and he didn’t tell me, because he wanted to save our friendship. He didn’t give in to her because he’s very loyal, but he still didn’t tell me. Should I be as upset as I am?

— Jackie Kennedy

Z: That’s actually really morally gray…

P: Like why didn’t he tell you about it…to not cheat on you?

Z: At least he didn’t cheat though! There’s a possibility of forgiveness I think.

P: What is your best friend thinking though? That is not best friend behavior, and if the best friend is reading this: bruh.

M: GIRL CODE. That is not your friend. No “friend” in their right mind would sacrifice a friendship for a BOY.

Wyd if u start getting annoyed at everything your friend says?

P: Communicate and take a break.

Z: But you have to figure out if it’s a valid annoyance; like really sit down and figure out what is annoying you.

C: When you are annoyed at someone, everything they say will be annoying, so you should just not be friends. Maybe it’s a sign.

M: Speaking from personal experience?

C: No comment.

M: That’s harsh … but having to constantly deal with someone who’s annoying is gonna put you in a bad headspace. Then YOU might turn into the annoying one.

How do you keep a good balance between sports and school?

C: Are you good at both of them?

M: Are YOU? You may want to dedicate more time to the one that will benefit you more. For example, if you’re on the swim team but are incredibly slow and can barely stay afloat …

C: Umm …(Cal is a swimmer)

M: … committing more time to your studies is likely the smarter choice. On a real note, you’re not alone. Whether it be sports or other extracurriculars, BLS students are spread thin trying to manage the unbearable workload. Work on your time management skills and figure out where your priorities lie.

Free will or predeterminism? — a recent reader of Oedipus Rex

M&C: Predeterminism. As a reader of Oedipus Rex, I have determined through my pro-predeterminism lens that predeterminism is the right answer. However, is writing this truly predeterminism? Or free will? Maybe it’s predeterministic to even be thinking about free will. Maybe it’s my free will to choose predeterminism or it’s predetermined that I will write that I have free will.

P&Z: As AP Lit students, we can’t handle this question again — consult Ms. Moon!

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