Senior Spotlight on Cippara Abraham


For those of you who are familiar with her, you already know that Cippara Abraham is, to say the least, QUITE the character. This is the girl whose sneeze could be heard by the entire cluster, the girl who sprinted to lunch before the bell even rang (just to get yelled at by Mr. Wetherby), the girl who wore printed leggings to school every day, but most importantly, the girl who became my best friend over these past six years.

While I can never seem to recall our very first conversation (and I swear this literally didn’t happen), Cippara never fails to remind me of it. In eighth grade in the Lambda cluster, she walked up to my locker and complimented my eyebrows. Apparently, I didn’t take the compliment too well, and from that point on she held a (temporary) personal vendetta against me.

Over time, we became closer by means of the weird new science class they gave us in eighth grade and our lunch table. I immediately found myself laughing until my stomach hurt every time I was around this girl. Ever since that “imaginary” interaction we had at my locker in eighth grade, we’ve been inseparable. We have been on many random journeys together. We’ve cried together. We’ve laughed together. We’ve been DOOMED together. 

In the summer of 2021, I think I saw her almost every day. Cippara will always have a story to tell — whether it is an unfortunate event that happened to her that day or a weird thing she did as a child (e.g. an Instagram dedicated to doorknobs), Cippara never fails to make everyone around her feel welcomed and at ease.

In addition to her aura of confidence, she is the most approachable, easy-going and loving person you will ever meet. I am constantly admiring how open-minded she is (hence why her personal vendetta against me was temporary). With her wide range of talents, hobbies and passions, it is impossible to confine Cippara into a single box. She will excel at anything you throw at her. She has hurdled through life (meaning Latin Prose and Capstone), yet keeps a bright smile on her face that can light up an entire room (that is, if she remembers to wear her retainers).

 Cippara has stuck with me through thick and thin, throughout our time at Boston Latin School, evident through the numerous birthday cards she has written me that have brought me to tears. I’ve never met anyone I could relate to more, and I am eternally grateful that I’ve made a friend I can call a sister at BLS. This girl can succeed at anything she puts her mind to, and I can’t wait to see where the future takes her. Here’s to many visits to NYC! Love you forever <3.