Spotlight on Justine Wei (I)


Perhaps she may come off as quiet. Shy, even. But if these are the only adjectives you are using to describe Justine Jiaxi Wei, then you’re just slightly misguided. If you had the pleasure of being close friends with her, you might realize, out of surprise or sheer horror, that she can be quite the opposite.

I met Justine about two years ago, virtually over Discord, but another time in person at the first Argo meet when we were both designated as Copy Editors for the 2021-2022 school year. That year, we worked together discussing our silly copy-edits, revising our precious Copy Bible and pestering the associates into doing their work. But, to be honest, we didn’t click back then. She was so incredibly busy dancing with Koreo, singing her heart out in Chamber Choir and geeking out at Science Team that it was difficult to get a glimpse of her. First impression: busy girl with a busy lifestyle.

But over time, after some conversations about course selection and challenges with dissecting the English language, we gradually warmed up to each other. And when our friend groups somehow clashed the following year in a suspicious physics group chat named “sexiest babies,” accredited to Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero,” I understood her immense power in bringing people together and the fun personality that blossoms when she hangs out with those closest to her. Not to mention, Justine also has such a realistic and positive outlook on life. Perhaps it’s thanks to her parents, whom she loves spewing about, the sacrifices they’ve made as immigrants to America and how she aspires to find love as great as theirs.

I like to joke that we are basically the same person. Who else also worships taking AP Language and Composition with Ms. Barich, has a nerdy obsession with William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White’s Elements of Style and pulls up the fallacies of language whenever the opportunity comes? She is the only one I’ve found so far who also finds weird fulfillment in consuming lemon juice plain, straight from the lemon. Looking at Justine is like looking into a mirror, except one of us is about to graduate and the other is still suffering under the premises of Boston Latin School.

I will miss her strange passion for AP Calculus BC, her questionable devotion to astrology and the high-pitched sound of her voice, similar to mice in the dark when they’re hungry and looking for scraps of food. I will also miss the circular glasses placed low that make her look like a senior citizen about to succumb to her retirement funds. Can’t forget about her obsession with K-pop, not necessarily the music itself, but her favorite groups that are composed of certain “hot” men that make her go absolutely crazy.

Justine, I will miss you! Thank you for being such an amazing friend and for being my greatest supporter, even when things felt low. I am so sorry, but it’s unlikely that I will join you at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in subsequent years. Perhaps distance will separate us, but that’s okay because we still have Discord voice calls. Call soon!