Spotlight on Caitlin Donovan (I)


In the days leading up to my first day at BLS, I got a follow request from Caitlin Donovan. I usually didn’t accept people I didn’t know, but since she was going to BLS too, I thought, why not? Little did I know, she would become one of my closest friends.

One thing I will always admire about Caitlin is that she is not afraid to try new things. I first messaged her because she posted her fashion design and said she wanted to join the Fashion Club. We then met doing theater together in seventh grade, and I have this vivid memory of her in a long green dress for the show. In ninth grade, we moved on to Model UN and I have a very embarrassing photo of us in our little blazers together. Then at the end of sophomore year, when the Argo was looking for more A&E writers, I recommended her and we had that together too.

She took it a step further than me though, and joined a magazine and did a journalism camp, which I will also be doing this summer. We’re academically matched and I’ve always felt like Caitlin and I have pushed each other to become better; we’re even working at the same internship this summer. She is so smart and I have always admired her intelligence and thoughtfulness. For many friendships, COVID-19 and complete social distancing made things strained, but for Caitlin and I, it brought us closer together. We ate together on Zoom everyday and watched shows and movies on Netflix Party. There were also masked bike rides and outdoor chats around a fire pit, all of which are memories that give me a warm feeling and put a smile on my face. I’ve always been so sure that we would stay friends for the rest of our lives because she just gets me. I honestly swear that we can read each other’s minds with just a look.

When I think about where I will be in ten or 15 years, I can almost say with certaity where I think Caitlin will be. I know she is going to study hard in college, then go to law school and become a lawyer. I’m not saying this to pressure her, but rather to express how truly driven and hardworking she is. She has never been afraid of seeing her future ahead of her and doing everything in her power to go out and get it. She reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to. She also does archery, which is badass and definitely fits with her as a person.

It’s hard to fit Caitlin into a short little piece of writing. She’s a person I’m never bored with and she’s a person who encourages me to never live a boring life. I’m so happy I met her and I can already see us getting coffee when we’re in our seventies and talking about all the dreams we had at eighteen. I love you, Caitlin, and I know you are going to achieve everything you hope for and so much more.