Senior Spotlight on Sanjana Singh


Even before knowing Sanjana, she was easily recognizable for her dark ponytail streaking down the hallway on the way to class since sixie year. Several things have changed since then. For starters, she has traded in the ponytail and wears her hair down now. Secondly, we can proudly call her a friend, not just another familiar stranger in the hallway.

Sanjana has one of the most magnetic personalities you’ll ever come across. Even when running on four hours of sleep, she somehow managed to energize seven burnt-out seniors with her wit and (occasionally dictator-esque) lunch-table shenanigans every day. Truly, as someone who has an opinion on nearly everything, Sanjana has been instrumental in bringing us together over discourse on how to cook eggs or the infinite wonders of cauliflower. The passion and enthusiasm she brings to each of her endeavors is contagious, and boy does she have a lot of endeavors.

As tennis captain, Editor-in-Chief of Catapulta and first vice president of MassJCL, Sanjana possesses unparalleled leadership skills and an ability to perform under pressure. Few people can write a farewell speech that moves an assembly of Classics nerds (this is not derogatory as we are two of said Classics nerds) in little more than an hour. Even fewer can say that they organized an entire Boston University Classics Day (basically all on their own) that successfully invigorated a passion for Classics amongst attendees, while also highlighting diverse and too often overlooked perspectives. Even with her tomfoolery, Sanjana’s dedication and diligence are apparent with everything she does.

Sanjana’s other talents range from being a steadfast vegetarian to playing violin as a member of the distinguished Concert String Orchestra. While she hasn’t managed to convert us to athletes, Sanjana is an avid fan of women’s soccer and is most certainly moving her way through exploring all sports (jock!). She also possesses a remarkably vast knowledge of ancient Greek medicine, which she generously shares with the public on her self-managed blog. We fervently believe that this, in combination with her hilarious private Instagram account, have earned her the esteemed title of “influencer.” 

Her outgoing nature has allowed her to connect with anyone. Sanjana is a rare individual who not only brightens our day with her energy, but provides a safe space to listen, offering compassion and counsel when you need it most. 

Sanjana, we know that you and your frat-boy alter ego are going to thrive in college and beyond. You’re already on your way to becoming a world- renowned doctor, and we hope you won’t mind us calling whenever we have a medical question. In the meantime, we know you’ll shine at “UMass Cambridge” (lol), and we’ll proudly be here for you every step of the way.