Senior Spotlight on Cindy Zhou


Cindy Zhou is like a nice cup of hot chocolate (the kind with marshmallows, obviously). She’s sweet, warm and can always cheer you up. 

 If you’re involved in any clubs at Boston Latin School, then you’ve probably seen her around at least a few times. Her interests extend from biology to astronomy all the way to business and debate, and she’s always running around making the most of every second.

Despite juggling so many interests in BLS’s fast-paced and stressful environment, she still finds time to care for her friends. We can’t count how many nights she has still had tons of homework to finish but would make time to help us with a math problem or translate Latin homework. Additionally, she seems to have a sixth sense for when people are upset, always reaching out to chat and make sure we are okay.

Cinderella’s perseverance and hard work make her a great friend, partner and leader. She always makes sure to meet you in the middle, but most of the time, she goes above and beyond. Even though she has way too many, she never shirks her responsibilities. From math projects to hosting club events, Kindiano has a calming presence even in the most stressful of situations.

As a musically talented genius, her singing has earned her many A-pluses during song appreciation assignments in Chinese. She also plays instruments (yes, plural!). Kindo on bassoon and piano is no joke, and her mashups are straight bops. She spends weeks just learning how harmonization works for one song, or chords for two separate songs to make a mashup. She always gives everything her all because once she’s committed, she will see it through until the very end.

Cindiano is the best at everything she does, especially when it comes to making puns (despite how much we complain that they make the room feel colder). Some of her most memorable ones are BU-ddies (when she was talking to her next four peers) and how her chemistry jokes should get “more of a reaction.”

Her personality is also captured by her numerous nicknames that we have given her (that she definitely approved of) such as Kindo, Cindiano, Kindiano, Cindy Mindy Bobindy Kerwindy and Cinderella. Essentially, everything but her actual name. 

We know Cindy is going to thrive in college and wherever the future may take her. In ten years, she will probably have a galaxy named after her, an award-winning collection of mythology novels that she wrote in her spare time and a freezer full of every flavor of ice cream imaginable.

They say that you find your lifelong friends in high school, and Cindy is definitely a keeper. For everyone lucky enough to have met Cindy and to everyone who will meet her in the future, make sure to cherish your friendship because she truly is one-of-a-cind(y).