Senior Spotlight on Isabelle Goodrich


I would be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly intimidated as I sat down to write this. Izzy Goodrich is, after all, an award-winning poet, president of BLS Writes and a contributor to this very paper. But more than that, she is an incredible friend, and I can’t help but worry that this short spotlight will not do her justice.

I cannot say enough about her achievements in and out of school. She always strives for excellence, going above and beyond what is required. In her senior year alone, Izzy balanced her Writing Club presidency, a fellowship and Capstone, along with college apps and the weight of quarantine. Even in the context of a worldwide pandemic, she still managed to organize socially distanced get-togethers that brought some much needed fun to an otherwise disappointing year.

Thanks to the Boston Latin School algorithm and the alphabetical proximity of our last names, Izzy and I shared almost every class in the eighth grade. While her outspoken and self-assured attitude was startling to begin with, I came to admire her ability to be unapologetically herself. At 13 years old, Izzy made sure that her voice was heard. Today, I know her as one of the most talented, funny, non-judgemental, original and decent people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I feel so lucky to call her a close friend.

In high school, where academics moved to the forefront of our minds, Izzy was invaluable. She was consistently focused on her studies, but that never stopped her from connecting with friends. As anybody in our group would tell you, Izzy is the coordinator. Without her, I doubt we would have stayed in touch as long as we have. From burritos in Boston on concert nights and football games at White Stadium to snowy backyard screenings of 80s vampire movies and the Cape Cod camping trip, I am so glad I got to share so many of my most cherished memories with someone as amazing as her.

It is hard to believe that we will never again walk to class together on a lazy Monday morning or commandeer a circle table in the cafeteria. Though our time at BLS has come to an end, our friendship lives on. I know that I will see her next year, despite the distance, and I look forward to witnessing the impact she will inevitably have on the world.

Izzy, I can honestly say that I have never met anyone quite like you. I am so excited for all the amazing things you’ll get to experience next year at college; you’re gonna go absolutely BUNGO in Philadelphia. Love you lots 🙂