Senior Spotlight on Liv Oster


What do you get when you cross the musical talent of oboe god John Ferrillo with the classical ingenuity of Catullus and then mix it in with a few Birkenstocks and a Kanken backpack? The answer is Liv “54” Oster (Get it? Because LIV, aka the 2019 Super Bowl, is the Roman Numeral version of 54). And make no mistake, as much as your brain would love to pronounce her name as “Live Oster” (or “Live Oyster” or “Live Oh-ster” among other variations), she will tell you for the umpteemth time that it is Līv with a macron, like the Latin scholar that she is. Aside from her name and her talented oboe-playing and her incredible translation skills, at her very core, Liv is the most kind, supportive and funniest person whom I have had the amazing privilege of sharing at least two classes with since eighth grade.

Liv and I were destined to be friends when we sat next to each other as eighth graders in our first year of Symphonic Band, and from there, friendship blossomed. Whether it was “playing basketball” (i.e. pretending we were shooting hoops so Ms. Holmes didn’t call us out) in ninth grade gym or ranting about the stupidity of the characters in English (cough, cough Macbeth), Liv makes every class — no matter how scary, dry or confusing it is — a million times better. Who else would laugh at the time I invented a word when I fell asleep taking notes in APUSH? Or the time I made up a formula during the AP Chem test? While BLS was six years of blood, sweat and tears, Liv has kept me sane with our rant sessions filled with laughter and, as Catullus would call it, otium.

If you probably can’t tell at this point, Liv is the definition of a Renaissance woman: she is so insanely talented at everything she touches. While you will one day see her playing solos at Symphony Hall or read about her in glowing reviews within The New Yorker, just know this: when she puts the double-reed of her Lorée oboe to her lips, her tone and expression will take your breath away as she transforms the hardest pieces in classical music into seamless streams of warmth. Aside from oboe, she has immaculate Latin pronunciation and has saved my AP Lit grade more than once with our editing sessions. 

On top of all her talent, Liv is the most down-to-earth, selfless and wholesome person I know. When we were both stressed over audition results, she sent me the most hilarious memes to calm us down. At our lunch table, she always shares her amazing Oreo cookies (I am SO excited to come over for baking parties!). This year, I am so grateful to have Liv to run our iconic @latinvgang account, share our admiration for Catullus’s spiciness and laugh sardonically about our AP tests all while having adorable Loki in the background. As she has done through these five years, in a particularly isolating time, Liv radiates so much positivity and kindness. 

As much as our time at BLS has come to an end, I am über excited and lucky to have the unique opportunity to start the next chapter in college together! Liv, thank you for being you, the most wholesome, kind and every positive superlative out there. I can’t wait to spend four more years of going to Flour bakery, laughing over Catullus and hearing stories about Mr. Ferrillo and Fed. I can’t wait for the world to see your incredible talent whether it’s in oboe or classics or art history or something else that I know you’re undoubtedly going to excel in. Most of all, I can’t wait for people to look back to this spotlight and say “This was Liv Oster before she was Liv Oster!” because frankly, Liv, you’re going to change the world.