Senior Spotlight on Alice Zhang


Alice Zhang: You’ve probably seen her studying hard in the library, doing yoyo tricks in the back lobby, or chilling in the cafeteria after school. It’s likely you got the chance to work alongside her in a group project or her many extracurriculars. No matter what, you’ve definitely felt her impact on the Boston Latin School community. She’s a talented dancer, yoyoer, flutist, fencer, publication editor, chem whiz and more. I’m lucky to be one of the people who gets to call her a dear friend.

I first met Alice (surprisingly) outside of BLS, in a competition math class. While making the transition from contacts to glasses, I had no idea what my blurry classmates looked like, but I knew that one girl kept on getting these baffling questions right. Imagine my surprise finding myself sitting next to that brilliant girl in sixie humanities and math class. While the both of us still can’t exactly recall how our friendship went from borrowing pencils to calling almost every night, I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

Alice is the GOAT, and not just because she was born in 2003 (lamb year rep!). When she works hard, she works hard. She puts 120% into everything she does, knows how to lead and gets it done a week early. You can see it in her amazing yoyo performances (“haha I choreographed this five-minute performance last night”), her math and science competition scores (AP Chem kids, she’s that Alice) and this newspaper you’re reading right now. I’ve been a part of many of her clubs — she’s the best teammate ever — but still I’m always blown away by how much passion and dedication she exudes. She’s also one of the most lovely people to be around, keeping up the energy in the room with her hilarious tangents, pulling turtles like me out of their shells and truly being the life of the party.

But most importantly, Alice has been and continues to be the greatest friend. Every special occasion she always sends people homemade cards and baked goods. She’s constantly thinking of others and looking out for them, shown by sweet check-in messages or specialized gifts. And she’s always willing to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. I don’t know how I would have overcome any of my nervous breakdowns this year without confiding in her. My fondest memories of these six years are formed with her: trying various foods, car ride playlist singalongs, Asian Night performances and so many more. She lights up even the smallest things with her presence. 

Alice, I’m so grateful to have gone on this crazy ride through our BLS years with you! All of the hardships you’ve endured, obstacles you have overcome, goals you accomplished — I am so glad I got to grow and change with you and I am so proud of being your friend. Thank you for being one of the most supportive, caring and fun people I know. Though part of me is sad I will no longer get my seat assigned next to you in last-name alphabetical classrooms, I can’t wait to see you take Wellesley by storm. I love ya, and I’ll definitely be making that 30-minute drive all the time. See you soon!