Federico Rollo (‘19) ROLLs to the Boston Marathon


Federico Rollo (‘19) trains along the Charles River. (Source: Alessandro Rollo)

By Terence Xie (I), Staff Writer

Boston Latin School alum Federico Rollo (‘19) recently announced his participation in the 127th Boston Marathon, which will be taking place on April 17. During his time at BLS, Rollo was the captain of the boys’ varsity soccer team, which won the Dual County League twice in a row and competed in the state tournament. He was also a member of the wrestling and lacrosse teams.

Beyond sports, Rollo filled his schedule with clubs and extracurriculars. One of which, the Political Awareness Club, encouraged weekly active discussion from students with differing political values.

Having been an active member of the BLS community, it is no surprise that Rollo has decided to represent purple and white in this year’s upcoming marathon.

“The Boston Marathon is one of the most famous races, and I couldn’t think of a better charity to run for than my alma mater! I’m very grateful for Boston Latin and all the lessons I learned along the way. BLS made me the person I am today,” Rollo expresses.

Rollo is also grateful for the extensive lessons about teamwork and embracing the grind he has taken away from his time here. Aside from his alma mater, Rollo also credits his father as his inspiration for running and training.

Despite the sheer physicality required to run a marathon, Rollo emphasizes the other half of the battle: the mental challenge. From the beginning of the race in Hopkington to the finish line on Boylston Street near Copley Square, the Boston Marathon spans a grueling 26.2 miles.

Rollo, however, is no stranger to hard work, and shares that he has been training rigorously in preparation for the upcoming marathon. “I’ve been training for about ten weeks now, and by this point I’m about one month out from the race. It’s been an awesome experience so far and I can’t wait till April 17,” states Rollo about his preparation for the big day.

The BLS community and those close to Rollo have also played an instrumental role in his preparation for the race. Federico’s AP Calculus teacher Ms. Theresa Cojohn has seen him grow as both a student and a person over the years. Ms. Cojohn speaks to Rollo’s qualities as a student, highlighting his strong work ethic and unwavering motivation.

“He has the drive and determination to succeed at everything he does,” Ms. Cojohn explains. To Ms. Cojohn, Rollo was always focused and determined in his endeavors. Due to his dedication to his community, Rollo’s decision to run the marathon did not surprise Ms. Cojohn. He has always been committed to doing his best in the classroom or out on the field. The Boston Marathon simply marks yet another goal that he set his mind to overcome.

“I’m really happy that my older brother is running the Boston Marathon, and even happier that he is running for the alma mater,” says Riccardo Rollo (I), Rollo’s younger brother.

R. Rollo then explains that the funds his brother is raising will go towards the Boston Latin School Association. Since the BLSA uses donations to fund the various extracurricular activities BLS has to offer, Rollo’s campaign will allow for more opportunities for BLS students to pursue their passions, whether it be a sport or another extracurricular.

Seeing Rollo train for the last few months, R. Rollo is fully confident in his brother’s ability to complete the marathon and “finish it in a striking fashion.”

With ample support from all those around him and a strong sense of self, Rollo is in top condition for the upcoming race. The entire Boston Latin community will be cheering him on at the Boston Marathon on April 17!