Album Review: MY WORLD by aespa


SM Entertainment’s aespa is back at it again with their latest comeback MY WORLD. The newly released album features the six tracks “Welcome To MY World,” “Spicy,” “Salty & Sweet,” “Thirsty,” “Unhappy” and “‘Til We Meet Again.” Announced April 17 and released May 8, MY WORLD brings a familiar electropop sound to the group’s growing discography.

MY WORLD opens with “Welcome To MY World,” a perfect introduction to the release. The siren-esque melody and guitar chords in the chorus ring in the listeners’ ears.

Following the hypnotic melody of “Welcome To MY World” is “Spicy,” which combines every classic vibe of an aespa song. With drilling bass and experimental instrumentals, the song builds up to one of the most satisfying high notes of recent K-pop records at 2:25.

The track succeeding “Spicy” is “Salty & Sweet.” With their throbbing synth and recognizable noise, both songs perfectly contribute to the formation of aespa’s DNA.

“Thirsty” opens with a dreamy tune akin to pop hits “Nonsense” by Sabrina Carpenter and “Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande. The soft, flirtatious track reminds listeners of what it feels like to fall in love.

“I’m Unhappy” comes next, bringing listeners down from la-la-land and encapsulating feelings of longing. The members use the digital world as a metaphor for the disconnect they feel in their life.

Wrapping up MY WORLD in its shiny, bright-green lettering is “Til We Meet Again,” a beautiful ballad dedicated to fans. While not as catchy as previous tracks, its sweet lyrics like, “Remember when you’re alone / The power of the music / Will connect us,” make up for its unfamiliar mellow tune.

Overall, the album is a wonderful addition to their catalog, with tracks “Spicy” and “Salty & Sweet” being the most memorable.

With the release of aespa’s EP came their promotional period, a week-long span in which artists perform their releases on different music channels to compete with fellow artists. Album sales, streams and popularity determine the winning song of said shows.

aespa is no stranger to these shows; so far, MY WORLD’s title track “Spicy” has won four awards. The album also sold over two million copies in its first two weeks of release, making aespa the fastest girl group of all time to do so.

The group is currently preparing for their “SYNK: Hyper Line” world tour, which will span across three continents over the course of a month and a half. Catch them in our backyard September 2 at MGM Music Hall!