A Letter About Asian Night

n Students In Action (A.S.I.A.) presented its annual Asian Night. The show honored the heritages of the Asian American student body and served as a final hurrah for the graduating Class of 2023. In an impressive array of performances, students, faculty and families came together to celebrate the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. 

This year’s Asian Night theme, “A Letter To Home,” was inspired by Janette Wu’s Letters to Home: A Memoir (& Other Stories by an ABC). The memoir sought to capture identity struggles faced by members of the Asian American community while presenting the necessity of reconnecting with the past. 

 A Letter To Home is [about being] connected to your roots, whether that be your cultural identity, your gender identity, or even to your childhood,” shares Nha Truong (I), co-president of BLS A.S.I.A.

To honor the theme, A.S.I.A. held a Multimedia Contest where students could submit artwork, photography and literature showcasing their connection to their Asian heritage. Winners Michelle Wang (III), Nandini Chilakapati (III) and Olivia Huynh (III) were featured in the Asian Night program and received a monetary prize for their submissions. 

BLS guidance counselor Mr. Samson Luu comments, “I know just how much time and effort that each and every single group had put into the performances. Some of them had started practicing the summer before this year.”

The audience witnessed stunning displays of talent in the form of dance, song and skit. This year’s acts ranged from a red carpet-themed fashion show to a throwback medley of dances performed by members of the Class of 2023. In addition to the night’s splendid performances, many enjoyed dinner from the Eggroll Cafe food truck.

The hard work and commitment from A.S.I.A. board, performers and volunteers truly made the show come to life. Truong states, “[Asian Night] is our biggest event, so we take a lot of time planning it.”

This year, the auditorium for Asian Night was packed with students from BLS, neighboring schools and family members. It was the biggest crowd BLS has seen from a student-led event. 

Thanks to the amazing performers, A.S.I.A. officers and volunteers, the show was a night to remember, and audience members were able to walk away with an important message that was displayed throughout the performances.

“I have never been to an Asian Night [before], so when I went it was really fun and I got to experience something I haven’t seen before,” Ladan Mohamed (VI) remarks. “Some of my friends [were] on stage, which was exciting to see!”