Spotlight on Mason Choi (III)


If life were transformed into a script of code, Mason’s first line would surely be: System.out.println(“Hello, world!!!”); with three exclamation points and a smiley face. Although it may be easy to get lost among the “people seas” of BLS’s hallways, Mason is instantly recognizable with a smile that looks exactly like his Discord profile picture: the tennis ball from The Battle For Dream Island — bright and welcoming.

Mason Choi is among the very few who can shock me more than those who drink milk tea without tapioca pearls. I am not kidding when I say that Mason is one of the most driven, self-made people I have ever met. For instance, his love for all things coding manifests itself in his lovely 3D printer. While students crafted sloppy flashlights with homemade materials for a physics project (I know I did), Mason’s sleek, golden, commercial-grade creation literally outshone the rest. But seriously, on top of the horrendous BLS course load, Mason balanced taking numerous outside courses for college and grinding coding projects out of sheer will and love for his craft.

Despite having passions for many projects, Mason never runs out of passion for his friends, classes and atrocious puns. Every day with Mason is like a new adventure. His ability to make somewhat plausible conspiracies adds a hint of much-needed flavor to the mundane routines of class. I can already feel that Calculus won’t be the same without his expert tutoring and patience, despite his claims of having an “incapacity to do math.” Mason is that person you will always feel safe talking to because, miraculously, whether it’s due to trauma bonding or good vibes, he will find a way to soften the situation as an A+ therapist.

An “inability to see [numbers correctly on math problems]” isn’t the only thing Mason brandishes. He is an ace at stabbing people in real life (and in Valorant), as he’s a part of the BLS fencing team that brought home gold this year at states (unlike his Valorant rank). Being the multi-talented individual he is, Mason models for Google Maps with his impeccable use of a hairband, and always looks to open up to new opportunities and experiences. He knows more languages (including computer ones) than Wonder Woman and is an avid traveler, going to more countries and places than I can count.

His insightful comments during discussions in ELA manage to spark reflection and often humor among his peers. He always takes the initiative to declaim first, volunteering to shatter the nervousness that accompanies public speaking and, undoubtedly, amazes everyone with his performance. We won’t forget his charismatic, powerful delivery of “You Can’t Handle The Truth” anytime soon. Et Mason truly embodies a Boston Latin School scholar, often taking the initiative to create study guides for Latin exams. With his help and contributions, so many of us have been motivated to gain a better understanding of Vergil’s epic poem.

Well Mason, it seems our BLS journey is over, ending a bit too fast. I guess it is time for us to say goodbye at last. I wish you all the best, in pop quizzes and math tests. Still recovering from you taking classes to leave, but we will support you all along the way…Gratias maximas, Mason!

(P.S. See you during lunch next year :))