BLS Tennis Succeeds At Serving Up the Competition


The BLS girls’ tennis team is undefeated this season. (Source: Steve Lourenco)

By Benjamin Jacobson (III), Contributing Writer

The currently undefeated and number one seeded Boston Latin School girls’ varsity tennis team has won Dual County League smalls and has moved on to compete at states on May 30. With each swing of their racket, the girls create a spirit of triumph, leaving their opponents in a state of disarray. As the final curtain draws near, the team revels in a sweep of success, building their way to a flawless record and filling the air with the sweet sounds of BLS pride.

Rachel Lantsman (II), one of the team’s captains, reveals the secret to their remarkable chemistry, “We are a great team that is really connected with each other even though ages vary so much.” It seems that these athletes’ strong bond is not only limited to the tennis court but also extends to a profound sense of camaraderie. Their support for one another amplifies their collective strength, creating a masterpiece of teamwork and unity. These words echo what is true for all BLS sports: that athletics are a great way to bring people from different grades and perspectives together.

Halina Nguyen (IV) is a key player on the team as the first singles player. She reflects on the team’s success: “The main reason behind our success [is] the fact that we aren’t just good as individuals but our combined skill as a team.” She adds that tennis, often mistaken for a leisurely pursuit, is far from a walk in the park: “I feel like people think it is easy because the people they watch are good and it doesn’t seem like a very active sport, but it very much is.” The girls’ varsity tennis team’s coordination and lightning-fast reflexes set them apart, transforming the court into their own stage.

Hanley Ensdorf (III), a fellow athlete in awe of their prowess, boldly states, “The girls’ team seems pretty solid to me, and I think they have a good shot at winning states.” Ensdorf’s anticipation of their success amplifies the excitement surrounding the team. The tennis team has the support of the entire BLS community, which eagerly awaits their performance in states.

Their success, however, is not solely due to their skillful strokes and footwork. It is their strong team spirit that truly sets them apart. The team captains cultivate an atmosphere of encouragement and support. “Our team really bonds when we cheer on someone else who is still playing,” Lantsman shares. Their uplifting cheers and spirited friendships inspire motivation that invigorates each player, creating a stronger, more connected team.

Within the halls of this school, the achievements of the BLS girls’ varsity tennis team deserve to be celebrated. Their triumphs resonate throughout the school, a testament to their unwavering commitment, teamwork and indomitable spirit. Their names should be engraved in the annals of BLS history, as they represent the epitome of dedication and the pursuit of greatness. It has been over 20 years since BLS girls’ varsity tennis has won the states tournament, but the girls hope to end their run in states with a new addition to the school’s trophy case.

As the final act approaches, the seniors bid farewell to their high school careers, leaving their legacy behind. Some of them may continue their tennis journeys at the collegiate level, where new courts await their skills. Tennis offers them many future pathways through recruitment and player recognition. Their achievements will inspire future generations to forge their own path of success.

The strategic angles and skillful aces of the BLS girls’ varsity tennis team have swept us off our feet. Enchanted by their flawless technique, unwavering sportsmanship and relentless pursuit of excellence, we’ve been astounded by their success this season. The stage is set, rackets are poised and the game is about to begin. Get ready to witness the resounding triumph of a team that embodies the true spirit of athleticism and sportsmanship next year.