Long Distance Creates Long-Lasting Relationships


Distance makes the heart grow fonder. (Source: Mela Xides)

By Angelina Wei (IV), Contributing Writer

As graduation approaches for seniors, many prepare to embark on a new chapter in their lives, which may lead them to different locations around the globe. With this transition, many young couples must decide whether to maintain or end their relationships when physically seperated. The decision to pursue long-distance relationships requires an immense amount of consideration. By exploring the intricacies of a long-distance relationship, couples can discover the immense value they offer, which fosters personal growth and strengthens their love.

The loyalty required for a long-distance relationship goes beyond that of a short-distance one. When partners decide to maintain their commitment despite being physically apart, they demonstrate their devotion to their relationship, which strengthens the bond between them. Long distance creates a barrier they must overcome, creating a deep emotional connection from their unwavering trust in each other.

Michael Nil (I), who is currently in a long-distance relationship, adds, “A long-distance relationship can definitely strengthen the bond between partners because they are expected to keep in contact with each other. Day by day, this will strengthen the bond between them as long as partners interact in a meaningful way.”

The experience of managing a long-distance relationship can also lead to a blossoming of love and personal development. After graduating high school, people have the time and freedom to undergo immense individual growth. Couples can effectively use their time spent apart for themselves, enhancing their positive traits and skills.

This independence, when balanced with the commitment to the relationship, will also allow partners to become more mature and self-fulfilled. The ability to adapt to change and embrace each other’s growth will strengthen the resilience of the relationship.

Boston Latin School Italian teacher Ms. Katie-Nicole Bagarella Varano, who has experienced a long-distance relationship separated by seas, adds that these relationships “are much more difficult […] than a regular relationship, so you are forced to do a lot of introspection and reflection and you do have to work on yourself in order to make a long distance relationship work long term.” Through a journey of individual and collective progress, couples will be able to produce a stronger connection between them, enriching their lives both independently and together.

Many couples who do not support long-distance relationships believe that they will never work out, as the other person wouldn’t be able to commit to the connection; they fear that their partner could potentially turn to infidelity or replace them. One of the main causes for cheating is a lack of attention or communication.

Long-distance relationships, however, actually foster effective communication between couples, allowing them to succeed. Without physical contact, a partner must rely on open and honest communication to convey their emotions and thoughts. Partners can video call or send heartfelt messages to remain connected and informed on each other’s lives. Through these various forms of communication, partners can learn to share their experiences and desires without unhealthy codependency. These interactions can nurture trust and loyalty and create a solid foundation for a lasting relationship.

Michelle Zhang (I) reflects, “I believe that long-distance relationships foster effective communication if effective communication is already established and the norm between two people to begin with. The above being true, long-distance relationships may strain a relationship in certain ways for short durations at a time, but contribute overall to a healthier relationship because it’s a shared experience that two people persevere through together in their own independent ways.”

Long-distance relationships may seem daunting, but they are immensely valuable to both partners. Through an unbreakable bond, effective communication and individual development, couples can expand their love for each other despite being hundreds of miles apart and without physical contact. By embracing the challenges of commitment, seniors will embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery, deepening their love and building a strong foundation for a lasting relationship that transcends distance.