Caitlin Clark Headlines March Madness


Caitlin Clark is an indisptuable all-star for the University of Iowa! (Source: G Flume/Getty Images)

March Madness has increasingly become an event to look forward to. What better way to distract yourself from the long month of March with no days off from school, than to make yourself a bracket?

There was no clear favorite for the men’s tournament, making possibilities endless. The biggest upset this year was in the Sweet Sixteen when San Francisco State knocked out the number one seed Alabama State. In the final match, the Connecticut Huskies beat San Francisco State 76-59 in Houston, coming out on top with their fifth national title. The Huskies, however, are not the only team to receive recognition from the tournament. Against all expectations, Princeton made it all the way to the Sweet Sixteen after being predicted to not make it past the first round.

This year, people were talking about someone new: Caitlin Clark. Leading her team, the Iowa Hawkeyes from the University of Iowa, in the women’s tournament of March Madness, Clark broke three different records over the course of the games. In her remarkable performance, she played as a point guard and averaged 26.7 points, 6.7 rebounds and 7.0 assists per game. Clark’s reign of success, unfortunately, came to an end in the championship game, when the Hawkeyes fell to Louisiana State University.

On top of the fun of the games, the tournament increases visibility for women’s basketball. The added attention to the games leads to more support and opportunities for women’s basketball players in the future.

The BLS boys’ basketball team is in support of the tournament. Sam Griffin (I) states, “As a boys’ basketball captain, I think it’s important to support and show interest in women’s basketball, especially during the tournament season. The women’s game has its own unique style and flair, and the athletes competing at the highest levels are incredibly talented and dedicated.”

It’s clear Clark’s impressive performances in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament have brought well-deserved attention to the women’s game. As a rising star, her talent and dedication on the court have inspired many, and her success is a testament to the hard work and passion of female athletes.

Both the men’s and women’s tournaments are a rallying point for American culture. The tournament’s inherent excitement, with promises of upsets and memorable performances, has captured the attention of the nation.

As a society, we must continue to support and invest in women’s sports, recognizing their value and importance. The accomplishments of female athletes should be celebrated and recognized on the same level as their male counterparts. The women’s tournament is a reminder of the incredible talent and potential of female athletes, and all should continue to support their growth and success.