Boston Sports in Action


Millions tune in to see the biggest names in Boston in action. (Source: John Fisher/Getty Images, The Athletic, Sports Illustrated)

By Julia Sax (II), Staff Writer

It is exciting to be a Boston sports fan this season! So far, two out of three of Boston’s in-season major league sports are competing in the playoffs.

The Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics have done very well, finishing number one in the league and number two in the Eastern Conference respectively. The Red Sox, on the other hand, have had a rougher start to their season, splitting their first 24 games half and half for wins and losses.

The Bruins began their season back on October 12 and have proved to be a force to be reckoned with, breaking countless records during their 82-game season. They now hold several records — most wins in a season, most points in a season and fewest games played to reach 100 points.

Linus Ullmark also scored the first goal by a goalie in Bruins history when he shot the puck all the way down the ice into an empty net. He became  the eighth goalie in National Hockey League history to do so.

The Bruins earned a playoff spot and began their quest for the Stanley Cup on April 17, playing the Florida Panthers in the first of four rounds. Currently, the Bruins are winning the best-of-seven-series 3-2 with the sixth game taking place on April 28. They have managed to do this without their two top centermen, Patrice Bergeron and David Krecji, who are both out due to injury.

Bruins fan Mark Cronin (II) is looking forward to seeing his favorite player and Bruins’ top goal scorer, David Pastrnak, help lead the “Bruins [to] win the cup.” The fans clearly believe they can do it and will be disappointed with anything less.

For their own part, the Celtics have placed second in their conference. The Celtics started their playoff run on April 9 against the Atlanta Hawks led by the great Trae Young. On April 27, they won their fourth game to give them a 4-2 victory over the Hawks and advance to the next round. They will play the Philadelphia 76ers in round two, with their first game on May 1 at home. 

Aidan Zaphiris (II) reflects on watching the season unfold, saying it “was a ton of fun to watch, whether it was seeing our young rising stars like Derrick White and Malcolm Brogdon or watching Jayson Tatum put on a masterclass in the all-star game.”

Looking forward, he is excited to see their “great core players and hopefully not have to let go of [their] young depth players like Derrick White.” Still striving to win round one, the Celtics hope to head to round two and provide fans with great entertainment that will hopefully continue through the finals in June.

The Red Sox just began their season on March 30, and they have had less of a spark so far. They are also struggling due to missing Trevory Story, an injured infielder who had an elbow surgery during the offseason. They have also had a rotating group of players at first base as well as their go-to pitcher Chris Sale underperforming.

The Red Sox are 15-14 after their first 25 games and are at the bottom of the division. Aaron Cassidy (II) sums up their season so far as “great when we’re hitting [and] embarrassing when we’re pitching.” Despite this, the Red Sox remains a favorite team to watch.

The Bruins, Celtics and Red Sox have all played well this season, and continue to make Boston proud!