BLS Theatre Bridges Waters Old and New


Dontrell, KC Kirby (I), argues with his father, Zoe Colimon (II). (Source: Alex Strand (I))

Boston Latin School recently had the privilege of seeing Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea, written by Nathan Alan Davis, at the Black Box Theatre. Produced by Head of BLS Theatre Mr. Joe Gels and Kayla DePina (I), Davis’s powerful and thought-provoking play explores themes of identity, family and self-discovery.

The play recounts the story of Dontrell Jones, a young man who sets out on a journey to reconnect with his roots and discover his true self. It fosters an environment of recognition of the past, forcing viewers to analyze the effects of previous generations on Dontrell.

The writing in this play is truly fascinating. Davis’s use of imagery, symbolism and natural dialogue is both poetic and evocative. KC Kirby (I), who played Dontrell, gave an outstanding performance. They brought a depth and nuance to the character that made Dontrell come alive on stage.

Kirby describes the show as offering an “emotional, heartwarming connection.” The supporting cast was excellent, collaborating perfectly to create an immersive world.

The show takes place the summer after Dontrell’s graduation from high school, when the young scholar is on track to attend college in just a few weeks. The performance takes a turn as Jones realizes a more important mission: family. The play is relatively new to the theater world, and when asked why viewers should see it, Sarah-Molly Huff (III) says, “It’s amazing that we get to put on a show that highlights the Black experience in America, and I am so glad I was a part of it!” The storyline includes romance, fights, laughs and cake, all within an hour and a half.

In addition to the direction and performances, the set design and lighting added even more excitement and emotion to the show. They helped create an atmosphere that enhanced the overall experience. Parker Alva (IV) organized the lights, and he worked especially hard on the scenes involving a pool. He says, “We had to hang a light on the overhead bar and focus it into a square in order to get it to really feel like a pool, and the end product looked really great.”

The costume and props were outstanding as well. With Parker Alva’s (IV) exceptional cake decorating and Isa Gonzalez’s (II) costume design, every aspect of the show came together fantastically by BLS students.

Bravo and congratulations to everyone involved!