Welcome Home, Alum

The Boston Latin School Association recently held its annual celebration with BLS alumni at the Marriott Long Wharf hotel. Among these alumni, two were chosen to be spotlighted — one who graduated some time ago, and the other who graduated recently.

Mr. Robert “Ro” Fallon (‘65) is the co-founder, president and CEO of Promontory Therapeutics, LLC, a clinical research company dedicated to developing immunotherapy to help treat cancer. Since its founding in 2010, the company has continued to serve patients, conduct research and collaborate with other pharmaceutical industries across the globe.

Prior to co-founding Promontory Therapeutics, he held executive positions at various financial institutions. Mr. Fallon is also the Chairman Emeritus of the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), an intercultural exchange program that hosts many BLS students. CIEE allows students to gain new perspectives and exchange different aspects of culture by studying abroad. Mr. Fallon is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, another non-profit organization that seeks to educate people on international affairs.

Mr. Fallon holds a BA in Mathematics from Ohio University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Regarding his recognition by the BLSA, Mr. Fallon says, “It is an honor of the highest accord, one which I will treasure and forever be proud of.”

Berly Cordero (‘02) is the founder and executive director of Women’s Worth Inc., an organization that aims to free women living in developing countries from poverty. It teaches women business skills and provides them with the information and support they need to become financially independent.

Women’s Worth strives to provide women in Matagalpa, Nicaragua with independent financial education and resources since the country largely excludes women from economic affairs. According to the nonprofit’s website, Women’s Worth has helped over 200 women save a total of 101,680 dollars, drastically improving their lives and enabling them to support themselves and their families.

Ms. Cordero explains that her experiences at BLS have significantly influenced who she is, saying, “There were things that I didn’t know were possible. BLS definitely changed what I thought that I was capable of, and being surrounded by other students who are accomplished and knowing the history of the school has definitely shaped me.”

As Mr. Peter Kelly (‘83), president of the BLSA, concludes, “So much of what makes student success possible stems from alumni philanthropy. Our alumni set an example of achievement through perseverance and one of leadership through service that lights a path for today’s students to follow.”