Spotlight on Sasha Bornhorst (I)


By Christopher Choy (V), Contributing Writer

Boston Latin School athletes rarely take their talents to Division 1 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, but Sasha Bornhorst (I) is an exception. Next year, Bornhorst will attend the College of the Holy Cross to row for its Division I women’s crew team. 

Bornhorst has spent five years in BLS’s crew program, but she was first introduced to the erg, a stationary rowing machine, in her sixth-grade gym class. She explains that she “had a field trip to CRI [Community Rowing Inc.], which is a big rowing club that offers lessons, and I, along with a few other students in my class got to row in a barge, which is a very large rowboat, that aims to teach people the fundamentals of rowing.” Bornhorst says that she enjoyed that field trip, and because of it, she signed up for crew at the extracurricular fair and later joined the team.

Crew was not the only sport that Bornhorst played growing up. “I played pretty much every sport possible growing up. I tried track, cross country, tennis, lacrosse [and] ballet, and my family is a soccer family, so I did that for a bit.” Even though Bornhorst tried out many sports, crew stood out to her the most because the sport is rooted in teamwork. Bornhorst says that her experience with crew has been much more than another way to stay in shape. She explains that she grew up with a shy personality, and was insecure about her height. 

Despite that, she states, “Becoming a part of an environment where I was supported and where my height was celebrated brought me out of my shell and helped me grow into a very energetic and vocal person.” Bornhorst was appointed captain for her senior year, and this recognition made her a more confident person, both within and outside of crew. She is proud to be a role model for her teammates because she has appreciated the community crew has created for her. 

During the past five years, Bornhorst has spent a tremendous amount of time with her coaches and team, who have become her second family. Spending six to seven days a week with her, Bornhorst’s teammates are some of her closest friends, and they have a relationship of mutual drive and respect.

Many underestimate the physical and mental stamina crew requires. Bornhorst comments, “I go to my coaches to talk about and work on this a lot. […] Our coaches have introduced such a valuable mindset to the team and continue to push us in a healthy and substantial way.”

As she prepares to row on the College of the Holy Cross women’s crew team, Bornhorst says, “My plans as of now for next fall are mainly focused on finding the balance of a new environment and a busy academic and athletic life.”

Bornhorst concludes that crew has been the best experience for her because she was able to find an environment where she could grow.