Spotlight on Honora Pollard (I)


From secretly sneaking index cards under a desk to draw on in fourth grade to taking Advanced Placement Studio Art at Boston Latin School, Honora Pollard (I) has come a long way. They have cultivated their love for art since a very young age and hopesto continue pursuing this passion in the future.

As time has passed, Pollard’s artistic voice has evolved. They have found themself slowly drifting away from drawing familiar characters in a cartoon style and moving towards a more naturalistic approach to painting. Now, Pollard’s main source of inspiration comes from historical artistic movements and styles such as impressionism and dadaism.

In AP Studio Art, students work on portfolio assignments that consist of two sections: quality and sustained investigation. They choose a theme, which they will reflect through fifteen pieces of artwork produced over the course of the year. At the moment, Pollard is working on their sustained investigation with a focus on self-identification.

BLS AP Studio Art teacher Mr. Stephen Harris comments, “[Pollard has] a very nice color scheme throughout their work. [They are] very methodical on what [they do]; it’s not random, it’s very well thought out and organized.” Mr. Harris further notes that Pollard’s high-quality work is filled with details, which shows that they have done much research beforehand.

Next year, Pollard intends to major in biology and minor in art. They believe that the impact of art is not limited to the classroom but also expands into their future career goals. “As someone who wants to go into reconstructive, plastic surgery and facial prosthetics, it is important to keep an artistic eye,” they explain.

Through their artistic endeavors, Pollard has become motivated to look for people that could fuel their creativity, whether it’s family, friends, strangers on the street or even people in their dreams. They find satisfaction in the process of producing art, from creating handmade earrings to painting their nails.

Outside of visual art, Pollard devotes much of their free time to BLS Theatre. They joined the activity in the hopes of discovering a new hobby and forming friendships. Before the pandemic, they were not fully committed to BLS Theatre; however, they became more involved in junior year, when many of their friends became members.

Since then, Pollard has acted as the character Sandy Cheeks in The Spongebob Musical. They also have contributed to prop building, set construction and other areas of the program.

Pollard has enjoyed their theater experience to the fullest. They express, “I get to hang out with people I like a lot while also painting a set or practicing my lines.”

With their frequent engagement in both visual arts and theater, Pollard has found enjoyable ways to express themself freely. We wish them all the best with their artistic endeavors and can’t wait to see what their future holds!