Boys’ Cross Country Speeds to the DCL Title


BLS boys’ cross country wins the Division Championship. (Source: Sean Andersson)

This fall season the boys’ cross country (XC) team placed first in the Dual County League (DCL) Foley Division Championship Meet and regular season, in addition to placing second overall in the DCL. Following last year’s restrictions, the team was finally able to live up to their full potential and saw improvement throughout the season from training regularly.

With such a successful season, Coach Christian Blondin identifies the two great meets that led up to the team’s achievements: the Ocean State Cross Country Invitational where the team placed 6th and the Bay State XC Invitational where they placed 2nd, competing against some of the best teams in New England. Of course, the DCL Foley Division Championship was also highlighted as a major milestone for the team since five athletes were able to run the difficult 5 kilometer (3.1 mile) course in under 17 minutes, earning them an impressive win.

Of the top 15 runners in the DCL Foley Division Championship, five are from the Boston Latin School cross country team: Captain Dennis Satchek (I) placed 3rd, followed by Colin Fisher (II) in 4th and Ethan Andersson (II) in 5th. In addition David Rivkin (I), Liam Fitzgibbon (II) and Brendan Nolan (III) placed 9th, 10th and 14th, respectively.

Before the DCL Foley Division Championship, the team’s schedule consisted of practice six days a week, complete with a four to ten mile run each day. As a result of their diligent, rigorous schedule, the athletes felt prepared and confident throughout the season.

“We went into the season knowing we were the strongest team in our league,” says Satchek, regarding the season. “On the starting line, most of us feel the nervousness creep up into our minds, but as soon as the gun goes off, the nervousness turns into confidence.”

Despite the pre-meet nerves, the boys knew they were ready. The nerves drove their excitement. After holding their own against some particularly tough teams in previous invitational meets, the boys understand that they belong with the best.

“My favorite part of being on the team is the community aspect it brings — most of my closest friends are from cross country, and we are always able to hang out outside of school or after practice,” says Andersson, who has been on the team for five years.

Throughout this season, team camaraderie was stressed by coaches and athletes alike. An extremely important aspect of a sport like cross country is teamwork and being able to rely on your teammates. Without teamwork, devotion and dedication, it is impossible to be successful in this sport, according to Coach Blondin.

The team this year is extremely strong because of this. Currently, there is only a 16 second gap between their number one and number five runner. The athletes recognize that the importance is less about how the number one runner does and more about how the number five runner does. The goal is to get the entire team, not just an individual across the finish line, further displaying a firm grasp on teamwork.

After this remarkable season Coach Blondin expects to keep the title in future years. Two seniors, both a part of the top seven on the team, will be graduating. Coach Blondin believes that the younger athletes will be able to step in and defend the title. He is certain that, although they may need more time to grow, the young athletes will be back next year to make good strides after having learned the system.

“Running is a sport that takes months and years to develop. We’ve already got some kids who are younger and are developing to take their spots” Coach Blondin says regarding XC. “We’ve got a good, strong, healthy core coming back for next year, so as far as the Foley Division, I think next year looks pretty solid too.”

After winning the DCL Foley Division Championship this season, the boys’ cross country team awaits the next season with optimism, excitement and an unmatched spirit.