Meet the Board


Our bosses said, “Tell us about yourselves,” so here we are. Among us (very sus!), there are two cats, one cockatiel, one brother, three sisters and one pomeranian (gone, but not forgotten). As the best section of the Argo, we spend our days eating Insomnia Cookies and being fei chang hao News editors in 016. 

I’m Joanna. My cat is orange, which rhymes with banana. I read National Geographic and drink Tropicana. Aside from being a certified bar-spitter and average @Bodegacats_ enjoyer, this is my second year as an editor for the Argo and fourth year as a Newsie.

I’m Kevin, and I’ve been in the Argo since eighth grade! This is my second year as an editor, which is the best job I have and will ever have. I love dogs, which you can probably tell from my profile pictures of my pomeranian who was named Fluffy.

I’m Elyssa! I’ve been with the Argo for four years, and my collected nature makes me a terrific assistant editor. I’m also quite possibly the biggest Fall Out Boy fan ever. When I’m not reading Gothic novels or taking care of my plants, I love painting seashells and showing the other editors pictures of my cat.

Salvēte! I’m Ailin, and I joined the Argo as a Forum writer when I was a sixie. Gasp! Luckily, Joanna convinced me to write for News, and now I’m an assistant editor. In my free time, I like to learn about animals, watch movies and FaceTime my cockatiel Coco who lives in China.

The Argo loved News so much that they gave us the first four pages (we do not have special snowflake syndrome). We think you should love us, too, so we’ve written a haiku for you: 

News supreme section / Please join News we are so cool / What a great haiku! 

All funniness aside, our duty is to direct your attention to important news, from our little home that is Boston Latin School to our big home that is Earth, that give you a broader lens of the world with the unique voices from our school community.


While many sections may wrongly claim this title, Forum is undoubtedly the best section, partially because we speak our truth, partially because of our writers, but mostly because of the editors who bring articles to life. We are proud to introduce the holy trinity of 2022-23 Forum editors!

Hi! I’m Cinly (she/her), a head editor. As somebody who incessantly starts her morning with coffee and news podcasts playing in the background, there is nothing I enjoy more than keeping up with the whereabouts of the world. Outside of the Argo, you can find me reminiscing about specific time eras with Spotify playlists or going on long walks outside. I’m very excited to work with the Forum team this year!

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.” My name is Jessie (she/her), and I’m another head editor! Some things that apparently make me “quirky” are using Head and Shoulders shampoo and obsessing over guyliner. I often sleep in (like everyone else hopefully), read online books and struggle with calculus. Forum, to me, is an outlet to express my opinions when my friend leaves the Discord call at 1 A.M. Thus, it has a special place in my heart.

I’m Michelle (she/her) and I am the charismatic assistant editor! I, unfortunately, can’t ride a bike (my one flaw), but I offer Cinly the best love advice. I’ve been a part of the Argo since I was a mere sixie, and I enjoy writing for Forum because who doesn’t thoroughly enjoy expressing their own opinions? On a serious note, my time with Forum has taught me to believe in my own voice, and I’ve grown an incredible amount as someone who is now able to express her own beliefs.

Under our guise, Forum hopes to grow closer toward representing the diverse voices and opinions of the Boston Latin School community, thereby offering new perspectives on topics relevant to the student body and the global zeitgeist.


I’m Irene Deng, an editor for the Arts and Entertainment section! In my free time, I browse Reddit, play piano and tutor students in academic subjects. A fun fact about me is that I joined the Argo in sixie year because I really wanted to write articles on current events. I was too intimidated, however, by what I thought would be upperclassmen-filled writing sections, so I started out in Copy instead. A few newspaper issues later, I finally found the courage to join A&E after reading a couple of articles written by students in my grade.

Hey, I’m Ellis Seul! I’m an A&E editor and I also write the album review column for each issue. I joined the Argo in my freshman year, which was my first year at BLS, and I joined A&E specifically because I’ve always been interested in the arts and wanted to learn more and write about them at Boston Latin School, in Boston and in the world as a whole. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, playing guitar and playing games such as GeoGuessr.

I’m Eliza Duff-Wender! I’m the newest member of the A&E crew, and I couldn’t be more excited. I joined the Argo this year as a writer for A&E, because I’ve always loved to write and wanted to try something out of my comfort zone. A few fun facts about me are that I’m a Taurus, I love my two cats more than anything and my favorite song is Ivy by Frank Ocean.


Hey everyone! Lauren, Maddie and Romy here, and we are the newest and coolest editors for what is undeniably the best (and most chill) section of the Argo: Sports! We know you all skip to those last three pages of the paper, whether it’s to read about your favorite BLS athletes or nationwide sports news.

First of all, thank you to Lilah and Shane for everything you’ve done this past year. You will be deeply missed, and we promise Sports is in good hands.

All three of us joined the Argo during our sophomore year because we initially thought that we wouldn’t be able to balance it with our individual sports seasons; that, however, was not the case. To any sports fanatics thinking about joining, know that being an athlete yourself does not mean it is impossible to write for the Argo. In fact, it’s well worth it! We love that the Argo gives us the opportunity to read, write and edit articles related to what we love.

In addition, as female athletes who have faced gender discrimination throughout our lives, we are extremely passionate about curbing gender inequity within and beyond the world of sports. The Argo is a wonderful tool for addressing this.

We are very excited for next year! If you are interested in joining the Argo, writing for Sports will be the best decision you’ll ever make! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to chat about a game, pitch an article idea or ask questions about joining :).

Lauromaddie? Madlauromy? (We’re taking suggestions).

P.S. Selizabina, you owe us Insomnia Cookies for making this due during the Celtics game. You’re welcome for our commitment to the Argo.


Hello (beautiful) people! We are your very cool and awesome Copy editors. First we have Darren, the stoic, efficient and immune-to-distractions Copy editor who awes us all with his ability to maintain focus in such a hectic editing room. Next, we have the Fiona, the hardworking and professional editor who is always there to keep us on track throughout Production Week with her incredible communication skills (despite getting one hour of sleep). Then we have Justine, the very chill and easy-to-talk-to editor who takes care of all the attendance and is additionally, very passionate about food and cows. Finally, Lindsey is our newest addition to the Copy, excuse us we meant the Argo, editorial board, who can testify that her experience as a copy associate has been absolutely life-changing and crucial to her development as a student and person (not a plug-in).

For some context, the name “Copy” derives itself from the term “copy-editing” — we are the ones who make sure the grammar and syntax, spelling, punctuation and all that cool stuff are in check, basically making the Argo (woah italics!) look like a real piece of journalism. Though it may sound overwhelming, we promise we are very chill. We know that the other sections are having the most heated debate on “Who’s the best section?,” but we do not want to argue and be egotistical and narcissistic, although it is the truth that we are, indeed, the best section. Though, there’s no dispute that we are the easiest way into the Argo, as the rules for copy-editing are not intimidating and quite simple. Many find themselves becoming better writers through proofreading. So join Copy! We welcome everybody, underclassmen and upperclassmen alike :).


Hey everypony,

Welcome to your favorite squad of sophomores. We are clearly the loudest and BEST  section and the Argo would be nothing without us (really just Jenny tbh.) She has to carry Layout on her back supporting three incompetent children: Aidan, Lily (wooooooo!!!) and Mari.

Before the children start rambling, we need to mention the true Layout magician, the one and only Selina Tang. We love you Selina, and Layout will always welcome you joining in on the fun of making News graphics. Ok, now back to the kids.

When we’re not being bombarded with PDF edits, you will find Aidan throwing tantrums and napping in the back of 016 (also the train, you’re welcome for waking you up), an improvement from playing Minecraft in eighth grade. You will find Lily tormenting Aidan, eyebrows quivering as she does (I CAN’T CONTROL IT) while wearing a hair sock. You will find Mari (and occasionally the FLOTUS of powerlifting) computer-lab “pilate-ing” and fangirling over @marugramm (follow please, the content is 100 percent worth it). Treat us nicely though because we’re brain-dead from the consecutive hours of editing (and we’re talking like six hours or more at once).

Don’t forget about Grandma Jenny though! We are forever thankful for her yelling at other sections for us (looking at you News) and her hours spent toiling over her precious timeline (please look at page four if you haven’t already) to make sure it’s as perfect as can be. Jenny is always there to answer the many, many questions we have (because we’re all lowkey underqualified) and to support us in any way she can. We love you Jenny!!!

Also, don’t forget to follow the Argo @blsargo on Instagram. Posts are made by yours truly. The late night Zooms and FaceTimes are always worth it when you get to design using My Little Pony color schemes.

“You guys are the backbone of the Argo.” – Aidan Chen (‘22)


The 2022-2023 photo section stars head editors Mary and Karen, as well as assistant editors Alex and Andrew! You’ve probably seen us wielding cameras at nearly every school event, so check out the Argo website for more photos. Additionally, our section’s most important job is the management of the Argo playlist. Before we introduce ourselves, we’d like to bid a fond farewell to our retiring Head Editor Regina. We love you, and we’re going to miss you (and your Taylor Swift harmonies) so much.

I’m Mary, the second year reigning head editor and resident Argo theatre kid (so much so that I will run to say hello to my Argonauts mid-performance). My other Argo duties involve ripping art exhibits to shreds as an A&E staff writer and writing the advice corner (send me your questions!) During Argo meetings, you’ll find me editing at rapid speed, only stopping to make people dance with me.

I’m Karen, the other head editor! I joined Photo in ninth grade, and next year will be my third year as an officer. I handle most of the Photoshop stuff! You can often see me awkwardly asking Forum writers to pretend to fight a wall so that I can edit the Versus photos. During Production Week, you’ll probably hear me mumbling along to songs that I don’t know the lyrics to and crying about how Adobe hates me.

I’m Alex, the newest member of the photo section; I love every second of it (regardless of occasional arguments with Mary). I also, along with Caitlin, make the ever-popular crossword. In my free time, you can find me completing more crosswords, making Google Photo albums, or baking brownies for Argonauts (as head baking editor).

I’m Andrew, the resident child of photo. As the vigilant assistant editor who chooses to sacrifice his Spotify Wrapped for the sanity of Layout, I love to do crosswords and remind everyone that I’m only here because of nepotism. (Thanks Regina! <3)

In conclusion, join Photo. We truly are the best section.