Argo Farewells

Aidan Chen


Life moves too fast — a saying which has become so entrenched as an overused cliché that the act of referencing, and subsequently writing about said cliché, is a cliché in and of itself. Yet, in looking back at my time with the Argo, I can’t help but stress this very message. So for this farewell, please indulge me in my overuse of clichés as I attempt to somehow convey what the Argo has meant to me throughout my time at Boston Latin School.

My Argo career began in sixie year, though, in hindsight, I’m not entirely sure why I chose to join the club. Perhaps it was something about the club’s air of legitimacy and structure, with its vast array of upperclassmen editors and rigid set of rules. The Argo felt like a machine, albeit one which I was excited to become a cog within. I remember sitting in my first ever writers’ meeting, staring up at the then Editors-in-Chief, Nathan and Sophia, wishfully thinking about how cool it’d be to be in that role myself someday.

In fact, my first taste of fame came when I was featured (alongside our would-be class valedictorian Rui Liu!) in the Argo that same year in an article entitled “The Gentlemen Gatekeepers of BLS,” which detailed our recent practice of arriving at school at 7 A.M. in order to hold open the front door for students entering the school. Funnily enough, we stopped holding the door shortly after the article’s release, partly because of how mortified we were to have been featured. Perhaps we’ll take up the practice again at prom or graduation, for old time’s sake. 

As life kept moving and my years of Argo experience accumulated, I gradually improved as a writer (or so I’d like to think). It certainly wasn’t smooth sailing all the time, as I can vividly remember from every less-than-stellar article topic assigned to me when I missed the writers’ meeting or being berated by the then Editors-in-Chief in freshman year due to my violation of Argo writing policy. I stuck with it, nevertheless. Even though writing was a lot of work (and at times would feel like an extra homework assignment that I willingly took on), something about the gratification that came with seeing my work in print made it worth it.

Eventually, I found myself in an editor role, and a year later, an Editor-in-Chief. With these roles came not only new responsibilities, but also a new dimension to the Argo that I’d never fully experienced before — the beautiful camaraderie that inherently accompanies the grueling task of producing a high school newspaper. Last year provided me with my first taste of this newfound community, though, to be honest, Discord channels never quite captured the feeling of a “real” production week. A “real” production week, at least for this year, is spending hours in Lab 016 or the Electronic Classroom, the constant Taylor Swift ambiance present in every Argo-affiliated space in the school, the Dining Hall pizza, cookies and chicken wings at 6 P.M. on a Friday and the conversations, debates and laughs shared among underclassmen and upperclassmen Argonauts alike. Words can never do a “real” production week justice, for its chaos, atmosphere and je ne sais quoi are simply indescribable.

I would also be remiss if I did not attempt to thank all of the people who made it possible for me to be in this position today. So, here it goes. Thank you to Nathan and Sophia, the 2016-2017 EiCs, for being apt role models for my ambitious sixie self. Thank you to the string of News Editors who came before me (Theresa, Isabella, Meredith and many more) for pushing me to grow, even in spite of my truly terrible articles and inconsistent attendance. Thank you to my “Newsies” of the graduating class of 2021 (John, Emily and Esther), for inadvertently allowing me to take charge of the section due to your “senioritis,” a condition that I very much understand now, and for your unwavering support throughout our growth together as News writers-turned-editors.

Thank you to each and every single person on this year’s editorial board. Katie and Alanna, thank you for anchoring News — I’m sure you both feel as confident as I do about the future of our section in the hands of the highly capable Joanna and Kevin. Thank you, Jack, for your incredible wit and passionate rants, and Alice for your constant Insomnia Cookies craving. Thank you, Kelsey and Maggie, for running the most hilarious and relatable Argo advice column to date. Thank you, Lilah and Shane for rising to the occasion in Sports (despite the senioritis kicking in a little early) and leaving it better than ever before. Thank you to our wonderful production section seniors, Emma, Theresa and Regina, for bridging the knowledge gap as we returned from a virtual year. Thank you to the theatre star herself, Mary Bosch, for all of your hard work, as well as for taking me on a comprehensive tour of the Black Box — I’ll miss all of our car conversations. Thank you to the one and only Ms. Moon for being, truly, the best club advisor anyone could ever ask for. Finally, thank you to all of the Argonauts, past and present, that I did not yet mention. I could not be more appreciative of each of you for allowing me to be where I am today.

There is, however, still one person left to thank. Thank you to the incredible, utterly irreplaceable and immensely talented Elizabeth Choi. My co-Editor-in-Chief, partner-in-crime, confidant, junior sidekick (just kidding!) and friend for the past year. Thank you for reminding me of every deadline that we almost missed, berating me whenever I’d get a little too sidetracked from the task at hand, putting up with all of my epic pranks and award-worthy jokes and always being there for me, no matter the situation. I could not have imagined this past year without you. I’ll miss all the moments, big and small, that we shared together, whether it was preparing to speak at a First Writers’ Meeting or walking to catch the bus together after everyone else had left on a Production Week Wednesday. 

To my successor, Selina Tang, I could not imagine anyone better suited for taking on the chaos that comes with being an Editor-in-Chief. I’m not sure if the Argo would have successfully published any issues this year had it not been for your constant text reminders and updates in the Layout group-chat (thanks again!). I can’t wait to see all that you and Elizabeth accomplish in your new roles. There’s not a doubt in my mind that you two will kill it together. Just don’t have too much fun without me.

Throughout my time at BLS, plenty of people have asked me, “Why do you do the Argo?” — a question which I’m not quite sure how to answer. I usually brush aside the question with a simple answer, anything ranging from “I like writing” to “It looks good on the résumé” — and while both of these are true to a certain extent, they’re not why I stuck around. The Argo is incredible because of its people and the bonds which you form as a result of this shared experience. It’s unlike anything else I’ve experienced at BLS. So, please, to anyone out there who has read this far, join the Argo. I promise you won’t regret it.

It’s funny looking back at experiences in hindsight because you tend to realize that the little moments ended up being the most important — the moments you don’t realize are worth remembering until they’ve already passed. If I could do one thing differently this year, it would be to cherish each little detail, whether it be writing an editors’ note, talking to a Layout associate or strolling through the Music Wing during Production Week, a little bit more. So, to my beloved Argonauts, and to anyone else out there, I’ll advise the following: remember the little moments while they’re happening and never take experiences for granted.

Thank you, Argo, and farewell.

With gratitude, 

Aidan Chen

Katie Rouse

News Editor

I guess this is it. I’ve been counting down the seconds to this moment for six years, but now that it’s finally here, I’m still not ready.

How do I part with the 4 A.M. wake-up call to distribute carnations on Valentine’s Day, the late nights during production week… the gazillion rounds of PDF edits. Well, maybe I am ready for those goodbyes. But to my fellow Newsies, my beloved EiCs (I know I was your favorite senior head news editor) and those delicious Insomnia Cookies, you will be dearly missed.

From drawing stick figures of Aidan on the whiteboard (can you guys believe he said he hates TS?!), to watching endless debates over the merits of the Oxford comma and Comic Sans, those hours spent in 016 never disappointed — except, of course, when our cookie orders didn’t arrive. I know that looking back next year, my Argo memories are some that I’m going to appreciate the most, entirely thanks to the people I made them with.

Elizabeth, you did an incredible job pulling everyone together this year, and I know you’ll keep up the great work in the future. Aidan, you did all right too, I suppose. In all seriousness, no one plays a better Razumihin than you, and thanks for keeping all of our spirits up, even in the crunch time of every production week. BTW, how tall are you, again?

Selina, you have my full confidence. I couldn’t be prouder of you, and good luck next year!

Joanna and Kevin, thank you for keeping me afloat and smiling through every issue. You guys impress me every day with your humor and positivity, and I can’t think of anyone better to welcome our incoming News editors to the team. Elyssa and Ailin, you guys are going to crush it next year! Our section couldn’t be in better hands.

Alanna, it’s been quite the wild ride over the past few years. When Joanna and Kevin showed us our very first article from way back in freshman year, it shocked me to be reminded of how far we’ve come. There’s no one else I’d rather be making s’mores, writing awful chemistry puns, playing rock paper scissors to decide how to label Latin grammar or sending Tiktoks (i.e. Instagram reels) with than you. Thank you for being the best News partner I could’ve asked for.

Over the course of Jeopardy! games, the constant blaring of “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” — do I get the points now, Elizabeth? — and ice cream and food escapades throughout the year, I was inducted into a little Argo family. And though the time flew by much too quickly, this family is one that I’m honored to have been a part of. I can’t thank you all enough.

News Editor (Ret.), signing off.



Alanna Quirk-Aboujaoude

Assistant News Editor

One good thing about writing this farewell is I know that I do not have to do PDF edits on it, nor will I ever have to do PDF edits again (granted, that sentence implies I did PDF edits in the first place). Although I won’t miss PDF edits all that much, I will miss the Argo itself.

As the step-in Editor-in-Chief when Ayden Chan and Elizabeth Choi had their many, many clubs to rush off to, I think the best part of my reign, aside from the begging for cookies, was the friends I made. I’m going to miss all of us screaming at Ayden and Elizabeth to locate the cookies we ordered two hours ago, looking at old yearbooks instead of editing articles and going through our Spotify playlist that was 99.9 percent Taylor Swift.

To Katie Rouse, my fellow senior News Editor, best friend even outside of Argo and co-writer of my first ever News article, I’m going to miss going to school with you so much, even though you’ll just be down the street. Running to the commuter rail that comes in five minutes just won’t feel the same without you by my side. Thank you for convincing me to join the Argo, specifically the News section. It went way better than the other things you  convinced me to do.

To Joanna and Kevin, I had so much fun getting to know you both this year. Always remember that our original Newsies group chat reigns supreme, with our completely off-topic conversations. You guys are going to kill it in junior and senior year, in and out of the Argo, and I’m proud of whatever you end up doing. I’ll miss you both so much and if you need anything, bang on the fence by the school when I have a class and I’ll come running. 

To Elyssa and Ailin, I know you are going to do great taking over for me and Katie (probably even better considering you won’t be affected by senioritis). Make sure Joanna and Kevin don’t get too far off track and make sure they don’t give Layout any crazy assignments. On that note, consider this also my official apology to Layout for all of our crazy ideas; we love you all.

Finally, to Elizabeth and Selina, my two bosses (Selina wasn’t technically, but let’s be real, she may as well have been), don’t let senioritis hit too hard next year. I’m counting on you to write the best editors’ notes, although nothing will top the Taylor Swift reference one. If Insomnia Cookies is ever taking too long, feel free to text me. I’ll probably be a better delivery service than them anyway. I hope no one will ever mention Comic Sans and Oxford commas as much as I do to you two.

I love you all and thank you for an amazing four years in the News Section :). 

Alanna Quirk-Aboujaoude


Alice Han

Forum Editor

After six long years at this school, it’s finally all over. But, I don’t feel the relief that I’ve been waiting for since probably the second day of sixie year. Instead, I’m sad to be leaving this wonderful community around me, especially the one at the Argo. 

I first joined as a scared sixie who barely held her own opinions and could definitely not write any substantive Forum articles. After a plentiful number of article cuts and an incredibly hard time finding my own voice, I finally learned how to write a successful Forum article all on my own, and could even come up with my own ideas. As much as I loved my years as a writer, these past two years as an editor have been my absolute favorite. 

I owe an unbelievable amount of thanks to every single person on the editorial board. Thank you for putting up with my overdramatic comments at every small inconvenience that took place. Thank you for letting me complain about absolutely everything, even things that don’t relate to the Argo. Thank you to the Editors-in-Chief for getting us food, especially after all of my incessant begging. Thank you to the Layout editors for working with all of the strange formattings we’ve requested this year. Thank you to my fellow Forum editors for all your hard work that allows us to continue our reign as the best section. 

Every single person in this section has been absolutely amazing to work with. Jack, your unfaltering passion for all sorts of issues never fails to amaze me. Allie, you are such an incredible writer and there whenever you’re needed. Cinly, you are one of the friendliest and most welcoming people I know. From frantically making last-minute changes to just simply editing articles in room 016, I have enjoyed every minute we had together. 

Huge shoutout to the writers of this section. Writing for Forum is not an easy task, but you are all doing such an amazing job and this section would not be possible without you. And finally, to Cinly, Jessie and Michelle, you are all incredibly hard workers and I am so excited to see how you’ll make the Forum section you own. Good luck next year, but I highly doubt you’ll even need it.


Jack Trapanick

Forum Editor


Having only become a committed member of the Argo’s writing sections in tenth grade, I am amazed at how much I am able to say I have done and am leaving behind three long, fruitful, extraordinary years later. 

I started in Forum simply to exercise myself more in writing, something I was developing a growing interest in. I soon ended up producing original articles on issues I cared about, articles I was proud to see in print (though I was embarrassed to have my sister show my parents, themselves angry at my not having shown them). I remember how much I loved putting my own thoughts and feelings on world events onto paper through the research, interview and writing process. I remember how much I looked up to my head editors (Jasmine is still the coolest person ever) and how that first article I wrote as editor made me really feel like an opinion journalist, not just some guy doing assignments for his school publication. The experience of producing a provocative piece on “infographic activism” made me realize the real power of the Argo to be a voice for the student body, to respond to and represent our moment and even to influence opinion and the mainstream, albeit on a very small level. 

That experience changed my outlook on my role as editor, too. I tried harder to push writers to write about current issues that they felt strongly about, as opposed to the usual, heavier reliance on assigned topics. From editor interviews this year, I saw that my efforts had an impact as ​​so many people emphasized the importance of taking writers’ interests into account, and even establishing beats for them. I am so thrilled to see what the Forum editors will do next year, and I cannot wait to see the section continue to expand and develop as a voice for the BLS community.

To my editors Alice, Cinly and Allie, I am so happy to have been able to work with you all this year. From scheduling crises to last-minute cuts, we have been through it all ​​— with the help of cookies and milk tea (sans boba, sadly). Alice, it was so great to have worked with you as head editor in person, and I am grateful you dealt with my sometimes tiring requests, like running a full-pager… Allie and Cinly, you were both excellent,  wonderful editors this year and I am so happy we were able to get to know each other better. Best of luck to the incoming Forum editors! I hope you all do something great.



Kelsey Chen

Assistant A&E Editor

Two weeks and a couple of hours after receiving this Google Doc, I am finally admitting to myself that my time being an active part of the Argo is over. It’s somehow been a very long and excruciating three years, yet short at the same time.

I distinctly remember walking past a humid and crowded Room 207 my freshman year and chickening out before finally writing for A&E after a few lovely crew friends sought aspiring writers. Never would I have thought that a small amount of polite peer pressure would lead me to the past year I have experienced with the Argo.

From bloody blisters after running to Fenway Park last graduation issue to interpretative dances in the dining hall at 8 P.M. on Friday (Elizabeth, please keep those videos to yourself) and at least three hours of “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault),” the Argo has given me everything I could ask for in a senior year. 

To Maggie, there is no one else I would rather joke with about hamsters, the fourth-floor pool and dabbing than with you. In fact, I was gonna make a joke now, but I will save it for graduation. While our time with the Corner comes to an end, Emilia and Mary, we give you full creative control of our Argo child. Your humor and lightheartedness will take you far as you become a source of comedic relief.

Irene and Ellis, thank you for putting up with my writing for a full year. I know you have big plans for A&E and just know that I will be your number one fan cheering you on. To the new A&E writers and editors, make A&E everything you hoped it would be when you first joined the Argo.

Lastly, to Aidan and Elizabeth, I couldn’t have hoped for better Editors-in-Chief. I will never forget the random drawings on the whiteboard in 016 and discussions on the appeal of hills. Life without 1 A.M. emails just is not gonna be the same. 

On a final note, I would like to thank the one person who not only brought me into the Argo but also made my senior year unforgettable. Elizabeth, we have more memorable moments than all of the TikToks I have sent you over the years, but I still cannot remember how we met. Whatever the occasion was, you became my person. 

To be honest, my life support for my senior year was our tearful movie nights (not counting Casablanca since it was a snoozefest), late-night drives while blasting music and missing turns and every single discussion about movie plots. Even on dull days, your fascination with the world (more specifically, the enthusiasm you let me see while you learned about new technology — the result of having an iPhone 5C) made going to school worth it. I could put down a million more characters and it still wouldn’t amount to the memories I am thankful to have made together. 

As my last ever work for the Argo wraps up, thank you to everyone who I even remotely talked to for making the Argo a second home. This is not a goodbye, but a see-you-soon. Remember, I will only be a message away (and depending on what phone you have, that may be a very long or very short time).


(P.S. *cue drums,* go back and read the italicized words, sans the Argo, Tiktok and Casablanca)


Maggie Olson

Assistant A&E Editor

I’ve come a long way since I first joined the Argo in my freshman year, writing my first A&E article with the infamous headline “Let’s Get Saxy.” Four years and many more questionable puns later, I am so glad to say that I stuck around to be a part of the Argo community, continuing to write and edit articles and later taking on. 

I would like to thank Ellis and Irene for being the best head editors I could ask for (and for helping me relearn how to use Google Drive every issue).  Thank you to Kelsey, for being yet another amazing co-editor and carrying the Corner with your references and incredible sense of humor. Toronto is not ready to meet your Photoshop skills. Mary and Emilia, I cannot wait to see what direction you take the Corner in next; I have no doubt that your comedic abilities will make for yet another year of wonderful, and most definitely dubious, advice. Thank you to Aidan and Elizabeth for never failing to keep us on top of things while also providing laughs, and Selina, I am so excited to see your incredible leadership shine as an Editor-in-Chief. Thank you to Copy for keeping all of our grammar in check, and last, but certainly not least, shout out to the Layout team, who not only tolerated my long response time to character cuts but also saved food for me and Alice after crew practice whenever possible. 

The past few years have flown by, but even in the strangest of circumstances, the Argo has remained a constant. I will miss our massive spreadsheets, hiding out in the computer lab, Alex’s brownies and arguments over the necessity of Oxford commas, but I will miss you all the most. Thank you for a wonderful past few years, and to those of you who are thinking of joining the Argo ​​— this is your sign.


Lilah Gutlerner

Sports Editor

Dear the Argo and Boston Latin School communities, 

Thank you for an incredible six years at this school, and the past four with the Argo team. It’s all over. Cliché, I know. Writing this is definitely forcing me to reflect on everything we have been through together. It is very easy to get caught up just thinking about what comes next, but I am truly grateful for every moment of my BLS career. 

In ninth grade, I wrote a letter to Ms. Moon for my first assignment of the year, mentioning that I both played basketball and loved writing. She suggested I join the Argo. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

I immediately loved every part of the Argo. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to conduct interviews, do research and become part of a writing team. It gave me insight into what a career in journalism might look like, and solidified my passion for writing. The Argo has also inspired me to seek a career in journalism. Although it may seem like mostly individual work, the Argo fosters an environment for collaboration with students across all grades. When I first joined as a beginner, I was supported and encouraged by the older and more experienced writers. Over the years, I have now become that person to support the new writers, and this has inspired leadership within me. 

I would like to thank the entire Sports section of writers for their enthusiasm to come to each meeting ready to learn and eager to write. Thank you to my co-editors, Shane Sullivan and Lauren Choy. They have both been incredible people to work with throughout all of the many challenges this past year. Every production week scramble and late night grind was made worth it by the support we gave one another. I would like to also thank Aidan Chen and Elizabeth Choi, whose support, dedication and Insomnia Cookies orders made every issue possible. Finally, thank you to Ms. Moon for all of your support to keep us organized and on track even when on maternity leave. And of course, thank you for pushing me to start writing in the first place. 

As one of the newest members of the BLS alumni association (gross, I know) I would like to leave one piece of advice to the incoming Argonauts. Take every opportunity and go through every door that the Argo opens for you. Go to the extra workshop, attend that journalism summit and be eager to learn from each other. I guess this applies to the entire BLS community as well. This environment, whether you can see it now or not, is full of people willing to work with you to make anything possible. Take advantage of it. 

Finally, I would like to welcome Maddie and Romy as the newest members of the editorial board. I have immense faith in both of you, and I know Lauren will continue to grow as a leader to support each of you. Be strict about those writing deadlines… good luck :).


Shane Sullivan

Sports Editor

To be quite honest, it still hasn’t hit me that I am graduating from Boston Latin School. These six years have gone by far too quickly. With that being said, I am extremely grateful for the amazing friends that I’ve made and the incredible people I’ve met along the way. It’s surreal to say that I will soon call myself an alum and that this is officially the last piece I’ll be contributing to the Argo.

I first joined the Argo on a whim in sophomore year. I figured it would be a good idea to join some clubs, and I already knew some people who wrote or were editors for the Argo. As a two-sport athlete, I naturally signed up to write for Sports. Surrounded by chiseled sports writing veterans and future graduates of Harvard, I was admittedly pretty intimidated in my first Argo meeting. I was assigned a trivial and expendable 200-word piece, which could easily be cut if we found out newspaper writing wasn’t my thing. 

What I soon came to realize was that writing for the Argo was actually a lot of fun, and with each article came a new athlete to talk to and a new sport to learn about. As time went on, my writing, editing and communication skills improved, and I subsequently moved up in the ranks of the Sports section. Throughout my whole Argo experience, I was constantly surrounded by some of the most intelligent, creative and driven people I have ever met. 

To Aidan and Elizabeth, thanks for being remarkably committed, adaptable and understanding editors-in-chief. The amount of work you put in cannot be expressed in words, and I am forever appreciative of your time spent writing, editing, planning and overseeing the Argo. 

To Lilah and Lauren, thanks for all the work you put in this past year as editors. Balancing varsity sports, other clubs and the responsibilities of an editor is not easy, and you always faced the task head-on. Although it was (very) chaotic at times, we made it through, and we have a lot to show for it. 

To Romy and Maddie, I know you are dedicated, talented and intelligent people who will continue on the legacy of Sports being the best (and chillest) section. Seeing you evolve as writers has been very rewarding, and I know you will kill it as editors. 

Also a special shoutout to all of the athletes who took the time out of their extremely busy schedules to let the Sports section interview them over the years. 

Finally, to all the other editors, writers, photographers and Layout associates, thanks for making such a great publication. All of this (obviously) would not be possible without you. 

Thanks for reading, peace.


Emma Lu

Layout Editor

A year ago, I was the one laying out all the Argo farewells from last year’s board and struggling with the fitting, and here I am now, going over the character count myself! Sorry Layout :(.

I joined the Argo as an eighth grader after watching my two good friends try Layout as sixies. Of course, they would then quit that following year, but for whatever reason, I remained in the section — and I’m glad I did.

Though we production editors may not get the glory that writing does (shoutout to fellow production seniors Regina and Theresa!), I’d say our sections are worth checking out. My years of growing up in Layout has meant Billie Eilish and Vine compilations playing while completing pages. It’s Google images of blobfish (for Brianna’s sake), or groans, as Eric refers to himself as “Layout Daddy.” Again.

Most of all, it’s the patience and care of Lienna Peng while she answered endless questions and brought us young associates towards proficiency. I couldn’t have learned Layout without Lienna, and her graciousness is something I, and many of us in and out of Layout, continue to strive toward.

I have undoubtedly met some of the best people I know through the Argo; it’s hard to say “farewell,” but here I go:

Selina! Ms. Editor-in-Chief, once again making Layout proud. I’m so grateful to have met you through the best section of the Argo. There’s truly no one I’d rather cry about exporting errors with. Your creativity, persistence and warmth have been inspirational to me, and I know you’ll do amazing next year because of it. Theresa, I couldn’t imagine Layout without you beside me. Even though you tease me mercilessly, you make me laugh the whole time, so I suppose it’s all right. See you in September ;). And Jenny, it’s been amazing to see you fit right in with the Argo. I know the new editors will be in capable hands with your leadership, and thank you for keeping our section alive with all your friends :D.

To our new editors, Aidan, Lily and Mari, you were all promoted for your ability and drive, so don’t be afraid to take charge; I’m excited to see all your ideas manifest! To our associates, I know this all might be intimidating at first, but there’s so much Layout can offer if you look for it. I hope it can be a home for you all, as it’s been for me.

Finally, Aidabeth. Aside from that time y’all delivered our boba orders without the actual boba, I’d say you were very competent! But seriously, this year’s issues have had some of the most engaging, unique collection of articles ever, and it wouldn’t have happened without your leadership and vision, so thank you. Aidan, you’re stuck with me for the next four, and Liz, I hope you’ll get your Mountain Day one day.

With Argo’s ambition and precision comes so much heart, and I’ve had the privilege of discovering that first-hand. It’s been a pleasure, and keep in touch, y’all.

Best wishes,

Emma <3


Theresa Huang

Assistant Layout Editor

Five years. 24 Argo publications. 29 production weeks (and counting, see y’all next week!). Oh, how time flies! I still cannot fathom that I am writing my farewell right now. It seems like only yesterday as I was enjoying a jolly conversation and pizza with my lovely Argo friends in the dining hall, running across the hallways at 7 A.M. to deliver the latest issue of the Argo and late-night “Zoom-ing” with my Layout buddies to design our Graduation Issue.

I remain forever grateful for the fabulous friendships and marvelous memories I’ve made through the Argo. To all the amazing Layout editors who came before me, inspired me and taught me a ton: Hilary, Lienna, Hanyi, Brianna and Eric — thank you so much for being so welcoming, supportive and all-around awesome. I’m truly appreciative of all the times y’all answered my many Argo questions with patience and understanding. I remember being filled with great awe when I watched y’all design the Argo with such dedication, perfection and care. It was magical. I distinctly recall my attempts to replicate some of it as I tried every combination of keys with “w,” from “Alt+w to Ctrl+w” to “Tab+w” in hopes that the gridlines would miraculously appear. I later learned that it was just a simple “w,” but as they say: “two Ls make a W.”

To my Editors-in-Chief Aidan and Elizabeth: thank you for all the blood, sweat and tears you put into leading the Argo! I truly admire y’all’s commitment to keeping Argo so organized, fostering a community and writing comprehensive yet easy-to-read emails. By the way, I can 100 percent say that the Layout squad dearly appreciates the reminders you include about citations during PDF edits.

To my head editors, Emma and Selina: I would write this in pastel orange if I could, but seriously, y’all are the best! Our Argo adventures began way back in the fall of 2017, and I am glad y’all are my Argo day ones! I will never forget all our grind sessions, puns and FaceTimes together. Thank you for helping me when I occasionally forget some of the Layout rules (haha!).

To my co-assistant editor Jenny: I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of your Argo journey and watch you grow from an associate to a head editor. Your devotion and passion for the Argo is truly unmatched. I’ll never forget when you shared with us that you prioritized our meeting instead of working on your English research paper (I’m sure you aced it!). I cannot wait to see you take on Layout with your creative twist!

To my new Layout editors Mari, Lily and Aidan: I’m lucky for the chance to share some of my Layout expertise with y’all and answer any questions you had. I have no doubt that y’all and Jenny will be an extraordinary team of Layout editors. I know I personally struggled a bit coming up with good layout puns for our Layout groupchat (Emma, Selina and Jenny: y’all probably remember this?), so I will wish you the best with this incredibly difficult feat!

To my Layout associates: I’m delighted to hear that you loved our pitch during the workshops (or as we like to believe) and decided to join Team Layout. Now, a special shoutout to Grace, my longtime Layout bestie: thank you for all our fun chats and for sharing your wisdom with our new Layout associates!

To my new EiCs, Selina and Elizabeth: Selizabeth?! Just kidding, I’m not so good at coming up with nicknames… I’ll leave that to Emma. Anyways, I’m so excited to see you bring the Argo to new heights with your phenomenal leadership, exceptional enthusiasm and incredible creativity!

Last but not least, to anyone interested in joining Layout: Go for it! You won’t regret it, I promise. Layout is indeed the best section!

With ArgoLove,



Regina Chiem

Photo Editor

I will be honest. I was completely terrified of the Argo for the majority of my Boston Latin School career. I still remember the first time I walked into a production week my freshman year and had three Photo editors chanting as I successfully edited my first picture. The close-knit group of editors, as well as associates, filling 016 with laughter, conversations and of course, concentrated editing, was incredibly intimidating. I never thought six years later, I would be repeatedly put on aux blasting Taylor Swift once a month, editing pictures for each issue and creating my own community within the space.

The Argo has allowed me to take more initiative, hone my skills in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and most importantly, meet new people. As I leave after three years as an editor, I still look back on the memories of asking for college advice from Jess, Gwen and Anthony, long Zoom calls to work on Photo workshops with Andre and Karen and, of course,  impromptu tango lessons from Mary. I found myself looking forward to each production week as it was a safe space to take and edit pictures, be productive and meet people with similar interests. I know I will look back fondly on every time I devoured copious amounts of pizza on Fridays, yelling, “How many characters need to be cut from the caption?” and convincing incoming associates that “Photo is the best section” (which it is).

I am incredibly grateful and proud of the Photo family. With COVID-19, we have not had the easiest transition to and from Zoom, but I am so proud of the progress that we have made as a community. To Karen, thank you for your AMAZING Photoshop skills for every Forum versus article and for being my rock for the past two years. To Mary, thank you for your continuous dedication to the Argo this year and all the times we treated production weeks like the set of Glee. To Emma, thank you for holding down Layout; I am going to miss coming and seeing you stressed while I bother you because all the photos are already in. To Alex, you are already considered the school’s photographer; I know you are going to do great things with the Photo section next year. To Andrew, because you are family, I am holding you to a higher standard to follow in my footsteps. Just kidding! As the youngest editor, please always remember to take in as much as you can from the people around you, and I know I can trust you to carry on the Photo legacy…or else. (I know where you live!) Welcome officially to the Photo family, both of you! To all my Photo minions, I hope I didn’t scare you away from Photo. I will forever endorse this: JOIN THE PHOTO SECTION!