Spotlight on Allie Golden (I)


Some students play a sport in high school, and a select few even excel in one. Allie Golden (I), however, stands out from the rest of the pack. She is the captain of the Boston Latin School’s girls’ soccer, basketball and lacrosse teams and has led all three teams on tremendous tournament runs. How does one even get into multiple sports, let alone have enough athletic prowess to dominate the Dual County League (DCL) in all three sports?

Golden has been a sports enthusiast ever since she was young. Raised in a competitive household, she remembers that every member of the family wanted to “beat each other in anything, whether it was a basketball game in the driveway or a game of Monopoly that would eventually lead to tears.”

The tri-sport athlete started off her career when her parents signed her up for soccer at age three, and, not long after, basketball. Golden began playing recreational soccer in West Roxbury as a part of the first- and second-grade basketball team at the Holy Name Parish School. Lacrosse came last, not entering her life until eighth grade. A good friend of Golden promised her “a stick and a pair of goggles” if she joined the team that spring. With no prior experience, Golden kept an open mind and responded, saying, “Why not?” The rest is history.

During her time at BLS, Golden has built an accomplished athletic resume. She led the girls’ varsity basketball team on a state tournament run in 2022 that unfortunately ended in a first-round loss. Even with the shortcomings, Golden is “extremely proud of the work each and every person has put in to get [them] to that game in the first place.” Prior to this season, the girls’ basketball team had not qualified for the state tournament in nine years. Golden is truly a difference-maker and is excited to see what the team will be able to accomplish next year.

When asked about her greatest team accomplishment in soccer, the student-athlete responded by retelling the story of their qualification for states during her freshman year. “Our team had to win four games in a row to qualify, with our last game being against the No. 1 ranked team in the DCL small,” says Golden. “We worked super hard and won them all, including the last game, which was an extremely close 2-1 game. It was a super amazing run and an extremely fun one to be a part of.”

Although she had a late start in lacrosse, Golden’s accomplishments are nothing short of extraordinary. Golden says, “There have been plenty of state tournament runs, comeback games and banners. I am proud of how far I have come, starting off in eighth grade having never touched a stick and now becoming a two-time DCL All-Star.”

Even though Golden has an immense love for sports, the relationships she has built transcend the value of any trophy. “The most amazing thing about sports for me is the people I have met,” Golden stresses. “I have had the opportunity to meet some of my best friends through sports and am extremely grateful for the community my teams have given me.” 

Coach Keri Orellana of the girls’ varsity basketball team has nothing but praise for the senior, saying, “One of Allie’s superpowers is her ability to help her teammates redirect their energy back towards their goals when things begin spiraling out of control. She has been both a steadying influence and a positive voice of reason in our program, [and] her leadership has been invaluable to the success we enjoyed the past two seasons. I honestly believe I am a better coach and person for having had the opportunity to work with Allie.”

Golden will attend Georgetown University this upcoming fall, planning to try out for club soccer and become a part of “as many intramural teams as possible.” Although she placed academics first when deciding on colleges, she explains, “Sports have always played a massive role in my life, so I do not plan on letting college change this.”

Golden’s immeasurable impact on athletics at BLS has been set in stone. Her diverse skill set and radiating energy has set her above her peers and competition. Golden has dominated throughout the years, leading her pack to greatness. It is Allie Golden’s world, and we are just living in it.