Artist Spotlight: Kento Lind (III)


(Source: Lily Huynh (III))

Congratulations to Kento Lind (III) for recently being selected for the Massachusetts Music Educators Association’s (MMEA) All-State Music Festival as a viola player! Lind is a member of the BLS Concert String Orchestra and has been playing the viola for nearly ten years. The All-State Music Festival took place on March 5 at the Symphony Hall in Downtown Boston.

The MMEA All-State Music Festival is an event where talented musicians come together to perform. They are selected to participate after auditioning for the spot. Lind is no stranger to these types of auditions, and to prepare, he practices extensively. He was not surprised when he got in, explaining that it was “somewhat expected because when you work really hard and know that you did well in an audition, you’re sure that you’ll get in. It’s more of a shock to not get accepted.” 

The auditioning process, however, was a challenging experience for Lind. He struggled with balancing his school responsibilities and musical ambitions. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s auditions were held virtually, and every musician had to send in a video from home for evaluation. Although COVID-19 has surely taken its toll on musicians, the All-State Music Festival was held in person this year. 

Beyond the viola, Lind’s devotion to music has manifested in other forms. He is able to play several other instruments including the piano, guitar, ukulele, clarinet and the drums. Lind is also a hip-hop and contemporary dancer, and he believes that the freedom he gets from moving his body has allowed him to open up when playing viola. 

Although Lind largely plays for the fun of it, he is also driven by the prospect of improving himself. As Lind puts it, “I’m also determined to get better as a way to represent myself.” A musician’s relationship with their music is deeply personal, and different for every player. Lind is mainly self-driven, and his mistakes motivate him to continually improve. 

For newcomers in the music world, Lind advises, “Learn as much as you can, and do as much as you can. A teacher can only take you so far, so you need to put in the work to get anything good out of it.¨ Lind believes that music-playing is beneficial and that people should explore it for all that it offers. He also prescribes dedication and patience to those who are just starting out. Too many new musicians fall victim to a lackadaisical practicing schedule, allowing their leniency to reign over their progress. Maintaining passion is especially important after developing a strong technical foundation. 

Every seasoned musician experiences a few bumps in their musical journey, and Lind is no exception. Learning an instrument is no easy feat, but he believes in the importance of knowing your boundaries. He thinks that one should decide on their priorities, such as whether they will play music occasionally for amusement or frequently for mastery. Not everyone plays to be perfect, and not everyone plays to be fulfilled. For Lind, the most rewarding aspect of the viola is being able to play it well. 

Looking to the future, Lind plans to continue to play his viola. He also hopes to extend his musical capabilities into the jazz realm by learning to play a jazz instrument. Lind has no plans of playing viola professionally, but he is excited for any musical opportunities that may come his way.