School Store Spreads Spirit


Get your own merch to show off school spirit! (Source: Alex Strand (II))

As the only authorized distributer of Boston Latin School spirit wear and logo products, the School Store sells hundreds of designs and variations of clothing, supplies and BLS spirit gear to incorporate Wolfpack spirit into student lives.

Students find that companies such as Champion, Nike and Under Armour are appealing for the quality and overall comfort of their products.

With a managing staff of manager Ilene DeAngelo along with eight parents, the School Store has prioritized convenience and the promotion of BLS items.

The store has increased in popularity within the school and sells a variety of items, such as sweatshirts, hats and sportsmen gear.

Furthermore, the School Store aims to assist new students in adapting to BLS with school supply packages, which is an efficient way for students to access required materials.

Accompanying a growth in interest, DeAngelo notes the increase of product quality and quantity since she took on the position: “[When I started], a total of only twelve items were available,” contrasting greatly with the numerous items sold today.

Brooke Ryan (VI) says, “[The School Store]’s very helpful, and I think that it is a good cause for the money to go to.”

Student sales peak during days most celebrated by the Wolfpack, such as Valentine’s Day, Spirit Day and Senior Nights. BLS hockey player Seamus Reardon (II) finds, “Beads, bandanas and stickers from the store are exciting items that can be shown off in a fun way.” When hockey players dress formally on game days, purple ties are available for purchase to allow for extra Wolfpack spirit.

As of 2022, the previous gross annual income of roughly 3,000 dollars funds student agendas; over the years, the School Store has amassed 35,000 dollars to students and staff. This is partly due to the
creation of a website — an idea that sparked from DeAngelo’s concern that alumni would not be able to buy spirited products throughout the year. It has now allowed for orders to be shipped by United Parcel Service for a small fee.

Regular hours for student pickups and drop-ins are on Fridays during the lunch periods.