Spotlight on Emelia O’Gilvie (I)


(Source: Matthew Taylor)

Coming from a Dual County League (DCL) Championship in the 2020-2021 basketball season, Emelia O’Gilvie (I) aimed to continue her success into her senior year. She has done just that: only three games into the season, she has become the most recent 1000-points scorer.

Being the daughter of a basketball coach, O’Gilvie was familiar with the sport from a young age. The hobby transformed into a passion in the fifth grade, when she joined an Amateur Athletic Union basketball team.

The student-athlete tried out for the Boston Latin School girls’ varsity basketball team in the eighth grade, recalling that “it was pretty scary because I was four to five years younger than most of my teammates and girls that I faced.” Now, she has led the girls’ basketball team to their first DCL championship, became the League’s Most Valuable Player since 1999 and earned an All-Scholastic Award.

Due to the recent surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, O’Gilvie and her team were only able to play three games until sports were postponed, meaning that girls’ basketball would miss their yearly Christmas tournament. The team was informed that their practices and games would restart after the winter break, before learning that they would be postponed once more until January 18.

O’Gilvie was distraught when she heard the news, saying, “We just hope that we can get back to playing because unfortunately, we are one of the only teams in our league that has delayed playing and practicing.”

Fortunately, O’Gilvie was able to hit the 1,000-point milestone before the season was delayed.

Coming into the first game of the season, O’Gilvie needed 14 points to reach this achievement. She looks back on the event, saying, “It was a really special moment for me when I reached 1,000 points because it showed how much time I put into basketball and that my hard work paid off. My parents, coaches, teammates and even the opposing school made it a very memorable day by celebrating with me.”

Even with such a monumental personal accomplishment on the horizon, O’Gilvie truly displayed her dedication by remaining humble, focusing on winning the game. Head Coach Keri Orellana remembers this game vividly, saying, “She struggled a bit with her shooting in the first half. She shifted her focus to doing what she needed to do to get us a win.” In the end, however, she scored 15 points and “out came the posters, balloons and cellphone cameras.”

When asked about her future after high school, O’Gilvie responds, “My next goal is to play college basketball. I don’t know where yet, but I want it to be somewhere I feel comfortable and where I will be pushed to be my best.”

Before continuing her basketball dominance at a collegiate level, O’Gilvie hopes to compete for back-to-back DCL Championships. She is eager for one last dance.