BLS TV is Back on Set


Rayna Mook (I) and Charlotte Weeks (I) bring back BLS TV.

By Catherine Cox (IV), Staff Writer

With classes back in person again, Boston Latin School is easing back into what life was like before the pandemic. BLS TV has resumed its weekly episodes, and for many BLS students, their return signals that things are slowly reverting to normal.

For those unfamiliar with BLS TV, their weekly episodes include but are not limited to weather reports, advice segments and the much-loved “BLS on the Block.” Racking in over 45,000 total views, the show is a favorite among students and faculty. The entertainment they provide, however, does not come without hard work and challenges. Throughout the pandemic, some of the members found it difficult to connect with their peers. Last year, it was also harder for BLS TV to promote their channel because fewer homerooms watched the videos together during W block.

Challenges persist this year, with one being BLS TV’s switch in location. The previous year’s production took place in a makeshift TV studio in Co-President Rayna Mook’s (I) garage. When students returned to school, however, they found it difficult to find a stable filming location, as the basement TV studio they previously used is now unavailable. As a result, they have been alternating their filming locations around the school.

Despite past and present challenges, BLS TV looks forward to this year with hope and enthusiasm. Mook remarks, “BLS TV feels more connected to the school community when [they] actually are able to film in school.” She also explains how in-person learning has brought back many of her favorite parts of filming: “Honestly, I love almost everything about the process of producing an episode! I love planning the news segment, filming it and then editing it. […] There’s a certain pride I feel when the segment is finally completed.”

Vice President and Executive Producer Ryan Fitzgerald (II) captures the idea that BLS TV is not only a fun extracurricular activity, but it is also a way to give back to the community. He shares, “My favorite part of BLS TV is the sense of community. From the first meeting, I got to meet everyone, and now when I pass someone in the halls we smile and say ‘hi.’ It’s a really nice thing to have after complete isolation.”

With its comedic material and informational segments, BLS TV offers something for everyone. BLS TV fan Abby McLaughlin (IV) says, “[I’m] very excited for there to be more person-to-person interactions. And there will probably be more bloopers, and who doesn’t love them?” For news, events, entertainment and of course, bloopers, be sure to watch new episodes every Wednesday — and remember, “Sumus  TV!”