Catching up With Packy Naughton (‘14)


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LA Angels pitcher Packy Naughton (‘14) makes BLS proud with his major league debut.

“Hard work pays off.” Packy Naughton (‘14) speaks from experience, having become one of the few athletes to claim the title of  Major League Baseball (MLB) player.

Naughton, a Boston Latin School alumnus, played Minor League Baseball since 2017 until he was called up to the Los Angeles Angels on August 4 and made his debut as a relief pitcher. The first game of his career on September 1 brought him full circle, pitting him against his hometown Boston’s historic rival, the New York Yankees.

He spent five years in the BLS baseball program under Head Coach Rene Gauthier. He was a gifted pitcher, hitter and true leader, serving as captain of the team for two years. According to BLS Athletics Department Director, Mr. Jack Owens, “[Packy Naughton] puts BLS baseball back on the map.”

From a young age, coaches recognized his talent. Moreover, he separated himself from other talented players through his dedication to the sport. His passion for the game led Naughton through all stages of his baseball career.

In high school, Naughton worked to play at the collegiate level. During his time at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, he decided playing baseball professionally was his goal, which required him to make a number of sacrifices along the way.

 He explains, “I didn’t go hang out with friends and go do things because I had baseball. I would miss things because I had baseball […] My summers were baseball. I sacrificed vacations, but I did it because I loved it and not because I was forced to. I did all this on my own because I knew that I wanted something greater than to play at an amateur level.”

Naughton is a source of inspiration for current student-athletes at BLS. The ability to balance the rigorous academics of BLS with the physical and mental demands required while playing a sport continues to challenge many. He has shown that although it is difficult, it is possible for “a little Boston kid playing at Latin School in Southie at Moakley Park [to] get this far [in sports career].”

Not only does he lead by example, but Naughton also continues to be an active resource for students at BLS, donating both his own time and money. He has revisited the current varsity baseball team on multiple occasions, inspiring the MLB starters of tomorrow, in addition to speaking at the annual “Playing Sports in College” presentation. “[His generosity] sets a great example for any kid that went to BLS [that] he hasn’t forgotten where he came from and he’ll never forget where he came from,” remarks Head Coach Gauthier.

From its founding, BLS has upheld an expectation of academic excellence. Students have always been prepared to face challenges of the real world, whether it be college or a future career. There is an extensive list of alumni that have gone on to and will continue to do remarkable things.

Naughton’s story is actively motivating the next generation of student athletes at BLS. “We get, you know, Nobel laureates, we get signers of the Declaration of Independence. For me, watching a kid pitch in the major leagues is right up there,” says Mr. Owens.