Girls’ Volleyball Wraps up Impressive Season


Kai Yuan

BLS girls’ volleyball moves on to state tournaments after winning DCL!

The Boston Latin School girls’ volleyball team had a smashing season, despite having suffered large impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic in the past year. Along with the mask mandate, the BLS team saw changes to spectator rules and team bonding.

Last year, spectators were not allowed at games due to social distancing rules, and this season, spectators were banned only a few games into the season as COVID-19 cases skyrocketed. Although it has been hard for the girls to maintain morale without fans cheering them on, some things have gotten better. For example, the team this year has been able to remain in physical contact, which allowed for many improvements in team bonding and overall team performance. Additionally, a new state tournament and Dual County League (DCL) cup was added to the state competition this year.

Hailey Rooney (I) and Kyri Stavros (I), two captains of the team, are proud of how close the volleyball team has become and how hard every member of the team has worked to push for the best, both mentally and physically. Kristina Vo (I), the team libero, agrees: “Everyone was working really hard to get a banner up on the wall.”

This year’s varsity team consisted of all returning players, including eight seniors, most of whom have been playing volleyball at BLS for several years. Both Rooney and Stavros started in eighth grade and have been playing ever since. Because most of the members started playing for BLS around the same time, they have become a “close-knit family,” as Vo describes.

Vo adds, “The fact that everything was the same was good because everyone got to grow and bond together.” The team has also

been supported by the same coaching staff for many years; the consistency and familiarity with staffing is a strong factor in the team’s cohesiveness.

Even for the members of the team who were new to volleyball when they started, the sport was easy to become acquainted with through the continuous help of friends and unwavering support of coaches. Stavros explains, “I fell in love with [volleyball] in ninth grade. I never played it before, I had no idea what I was doing, but it really just drew me in, and I have loved it ever since.”

The team won the 2021 DCL Small Championships and has been recognized by The Boston Globe ever since. Consequently, all three seniors agree that the season has been one of the best in a long time. Rooney expresses, “At one point, we were undefeated 12-0.”

In order to be a DCL small champion, a team must have the best record. To win the DCL cup, a team must play and beat three other teams. The team went into the first round of the DCL cup playoffs with a tough match against Concord Carlisle High School, putting up a valiant fight, unfortunately ending with a loss. The next game was against Lincoln Sudbury, and the girls’ hard work paid off when they came out victorious.

After losing the week before, Stavros remarks, “That was a really good feeling, especially, to get a second chance against a really tough team.” The girls placed third overall, which is undoubtedly something to be extremely proud of.

Stavros reflects, “I think that the seniors on the team, all eight of us, are very grateful for this last season that we had together, and we’re so excited to see what our younger teammates can do in future years, and I think they have a bright future ahead of them.” We wish the seniors the best in their future sports careers, and are sure their legacy will be carried out by the remaining team members.