Spotlight on Reagan O’Brien


Reagan O’Brien (I) never reLAXes on this team. (Source: Shayne Stump-O’Brien)

After an incredibly successful lacrosse season last spring, Reagan O’Brien (I) kicked off her senior season of Boston Latin School a few weeks ago as the captain of the girls’ varsity soccer team. O’Brien looks forward to her final seasons of both varsity soccer and lacrosse, after which she will move on to compete at the collegiate level.

Last year, despite various challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, O’Brien led the lacrosse team to a Dual County League (DCL) championship, along with her sister Quinlan O’Brien (‘21). After making it to the state quarterfinals, the sisters shared the DCL’s Most Valuable Player title.

Although the team lost many seniors last season, Reagan O’Brien is optimistic about what the lacrosse team will accomplish this spring. She shares her thoughts, “I feel really positive and excited to see what the next lacrosse season will bring and to play with my teammates again and hopefully win another DCL championship.” 

Next year, O’Brien will move on to play lacrosse at Johns Hopkins University. She went through a very unusual recruiting process throughout the pandemic, but ultimately committed to the team in the fall of 2020.

O’Brien reflected on this process, explaining what prompted her to choose Johns Hopkins. She says, “It was a big decision for me because I wanted to find a school that had a great team culture, a great coaching staff and great academics where I will have a great opportunity to thrive.”

Next year, we can expect to see many aspects of the BLS team morale on the field at Johns Hopkins. O’Brien deeply values her time playing for BLS, and she will take what she has learned with her to the next level.

O’Brien will  be playing alongside her sister, who committed to Johns Hopkins the year before. She is looking forward to continuing the success they experienced in high school at the next level. She fondly reflects back on the DCL championship game last year, saying, “Winning by your sister’s side is an unreal experience. It was a great reward for how hard we worked last season, and showed us what we were doing was working.”

Before moving on to the Division I field, O’Brien will have one more season at BLS, likely to be just as successful as the last. She hopes  to have a chance at another DCL championship and more banners for girls’ lacrosse in the Lower Gym.