Fencing Star Alexandra Jing (II) Competes in Cairo


There’s no stopping Alexandra from advancing further. (Source: Event Contributor)

After fencing for seven years starting in the fourth grade, Alexandra Jing (II) is quite the fencing expert. Last season, in particular, has been an extremely rewarding one for her, winning bronze twice at National Cadet events and silver at Junior Olympics.

The objective of fencing is quite simple, using your weapon to strike your opponent while avoiding being hit yourself. Jing provided more detail on how this challenging sport works, saying, “Fencing has three weapons; the foil, épée and saber, each with their own target area and hitting style. Fencing requires exceptional coordination between both the arms and legs, so it is a full body exacting sport.”

Jing has a very impressive fencing career under her belt, perhaps most notably winning gold in El Salvador during the Pan American Games. When asked to share about one person who has shaped her into the accomplished fencer she is today, Jing credits her coach, Ralf Bissdorf, saying, “He has been nothing but supportive and is an Olympic silver medalist himself. We work really well together.”

Jing thoroughly enjoys being a part of the BLS Fencing Team. She has fenced for Boston Latin School in the past, but, unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was not able to compete this season.

Since everyone on the team is able to contribute to a shared goal, they all strive to perform to their highest potential. Jing explains, “I really enjoy going to meets because the team culture is so positive and the atmosphere is super enjoyable. BLS Fencing is very accomplished and has won titles for consecutive years at state championships; there are so many talented members and we are continuously welcoming more. The coaches are also very dedicated and we owe them a lot for the effort they put in.”

In April, she traveled to Cairo, Egypt to compete in the 2021 Junior and Cadet World Championships. Although she was not allowed to tour due to COVID-19 restrictions, she still had an incredible experience there. As a result of many fencers missing international-level events, the competition this year was highly unpredictable.

Jing describes how the competitions went, saying, “In individual tournaments all fencers fence pools, the results of which are then used to rank them for elimination rounds. I had a really good day the day I competed and did well in pools, resulting in a favorable direct elimination bracket. My favorite bout was definitely with the third seeded girl from Turkey, it was a very close bout and was extremely taxing on the mind and body.”

She is thankful for having the opportunity to compete in Cairo and face off against so many talented fencers, hop-
ing that she will have another chance to qualify for the junior team again soon. After such a promising season with various achievements, Jing has a bright fencing future ahead of her.