A Look at Some Committed Seniors Around the School


Seniors display their commitments. (Source: Alicia Moy (IV))

As the seniors finish their last few days as Boston Latin School student-athletes, some have decided to carry on their athletic abilities into college. Lucy Abdow (I), Kerby Gillis (I) and Ludo Rollo (I) shared some insight on their commitment to their respective colleges.

Abdow has been running for BLS since eighth grade. Heading into her junior year, she decided she wanted to continue her running career in college. Abdow committed to the Northeastern University (NEU) Track & Field and Cross Country Team.

She explains, “The recruiting process was a little difficult with the pandemic. I wasn’t able to visit the coaches or the athletes in person and the entire process had to be conducted in a virtual setting. The coaches were really understanding, however, which made the process easier, and I was still able to learn a lot about their programs.”

Abdow was welcomed by the coach of NEU and is excited to be a part of such a close and dynamic team. One of the most memorable moments from her BLS running career was when they raced in New York City. During the trip, Abdow says, “We all had a lot of laughs and became really close as a team.” She further adds, “Another favorite was when we won the New Balance Emerging Elite 4×800 relay. I remember us cheering when we saw our name in first place on the jumbotron.”

Rollo committed to Harvard University for soccer and has been playing competitive soccer since the age of ten. His love for the sport made his decision to play in college extremely easy and is very ready for his next chapter at Harvard University. He says, “I look forward to pursuing my passions of entrepreneurship, business and soccer over the next four years at Harvard. It’ll be an incredible experience and I can’t wait to get started.”

Rollo acknowledges that he had a different experience with the commitment process, saying, “My commitment process was certainly unique. After an interesting start to my recruiting process, I decided to aim towards my true number one college choice, which was Harvard, and so I reached out to the coaches who had seen me play before.”

Rollo adds that it was not just his athletic talent that enabled him to commit to Harvard. “Fortunately, I was able to get into Harvard through my academics, and then I was recruited into the team thanks to my previous exposure to the Harvard coaches.”

Gillis, this year’s girls’ varsity basketball captain, is headed to Hobart and William Smith College to continue her basketball career. She has been playing basketball from a young age and is very thankful for her years at BLS.

Gillis elaborates, “Easily a favorite memory is winning the banner. But I think the good memories are the little things.” She goes on to say, “I think BLS was such a contributor to making such beautiful little moments happen in my life. Every moment was the best.” Gillis is excited to move onto this new chapter in her life and is ready for the great new memories she will make as she continues her basketball career.