Red Sox Looking to Continue Their Strong Start

53 games into the season, the Boston Red Sox are off to a decent start, with a 32-21 record. They are currently in second place in the American League (AL) East, behind the Tampa Bay Rays who currently have 35 wins.

After losing the first three games of the season, many were pessimistic about the Red Sox this year. These gloomy outlooks, however, were left behind as the Red Sox began to prove themselves. 

Eduardo Rodriguez, pitcher for the Red Sox who was out for much of last season because of developing myocarditis from COVID-19, is finally back and healthy. Although the process was difficult, his recovery is going well and it is a relief to have him back this season. Alex Cora also returned to the dugout as manager this year.

Because of the pandemic, the Red Sox previously had to play without fans in Fenway Park. Thankfully, this season, fans have gradually started to return. Over four thousand fans were allowed in Fenway Park at the beginning of this season, and starting May 29, Fenway was finally allowed to be filled to full capacity. The return of fans will hopefully bring more excitement and encouragement to the players.

After losing to the Houston Astros 11-2 on Memorial Day, the Red Sox are going to play them three more times this week, in hopes of coming back and winning the series. After the series with the Astros, the Red Sox are going up against the New York Yankees. This historic rivalry will come with lots of excitement and will definitely be a match to watch. 

With 109 games left in their season, the Red Sox are hoping to pull ahead of Tampa Bay and clinch first place in the AL East before playoffs. Once playoffs come around, the Red Sox will hopefully be prepared enough to win another World Series.