Girls Volleyball Sets High Standards


The BLS girls volleyball team beats the Bedford volleyball team on April 6

This year’s girls’ volleyball season is off to a great start, with six wins and only two losses against Bedford and Weston.

The majority of the Boston Latin School’s girls’ volleyball team are juniors, while very few are underclassmen. The girls have put their best foot forward to work through a very different season. Kristina Vo (II) says, “With the majority of us being juniors, I have no doubt in my mind that we will be unstoppable next year. One of my hopes for next year is that we could possibly win [the Dual County League] (DCL’s) and States.”

The captains this year are Isabella Berg (I), Hailey Rooney (II) and Christina Zhu (II). The team’s goals this past season were to sharpen their overall skills and regain the chemistry which they have had in the past couple of years. The girls are hopeful for a more successful season next year as they expect a very strong team of nine upcoming seniors.

Unfortunately, right before the season had started, one of the teammates tested positive for COVID-19, pushing back their already shortened season. It was a tough setback, but it did not stop the girls from coming back immediately once everyone was safe and ready.

Holly Sullivan (II) described their accomplishments by saying, “We’ve accomplished being a smarter and closer team. I’ve personally worked on having a stronger skill level, stepping up more and being a better teammate.” Although there is no state tournament this year, the girls have high expectations for the rest of the season and the next fall sports season.

Many of the athletes have set both personal and team goals such as working on certain skills, winning the DCL this year or next and striving toward winning states next year. They feel as though a victory in the DCL is very feasible this year because they have a good record and are playing Bedford in the playoffs. The girls have played against Bedford twice this season, resulting in one win and one loss. So, this game in the playoffs is bound to be a good one.

As for the upcoming game, Vo says, “I feel like every time we play them, we have a better understanding of what type of team they are and the plays they run.” Vo and the team are very confident about their chances of beating Bedford and even winning the DCL.

Although they are disappointed that they could not have a regular season, the BLS girls’ volleyball team has made great use of their time this year, pushing their limits and working to make the most of what they were given. With high expectations and an even higher work rate, this team is ready to begin an exciting playoff run, and with any luck, they will be able to win them all!