BLS Argo: Protect AAPI Lives

Hello readers!

As Boston Latin School’s official newspaper, The Argo would like to supply information regarding the surge of anti-Asian crimes that have occurred across the country over the past months. The Argo stands in solidarity against all forms of racism and will work to maintain coverage of important discourse and events so as to strengthen our awareness and strive to eliminate injustices. Attached below is an official statement from BLS DESI, as well as an infographic designed by the Argo Layout team with relevant statistics and important resources (also found at


We stand in solidarity with the members of our community, particularly our East and Southeast Asian siblings who are most directly affected by these hate crimes. We are sharing in the tremendous grief that is rooted in the reality that racism, bigotry and white supremacy threaten our plethora of complex identities and the basic humanity that we are all entitled to. 

We have noticed the emergence of two main conversations in the midst of this movement. One is about how East and Southeast Asians have been targeted in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, due to, among other things, racist rhetoric incited by our former president. While many of us, as South Asian students, have not experienced the brunt of the resulting abuse, we want to hold space for those who have. It is only through hearing, grieving, amplifying and fighting that we can build and sustain the community that is especially needed in this virtual time.

  We have also seen an increased focus on the history of anti-Asian racism more broadly, and how the lack of education on this topic has contributed to our community’s perceived invisibility and vulnerability. We want to affirm the significance of learning our stories. Our stories include struggle, hardship, violence, intolerance, intricacy, vibrancy, resilience and peace. Our stories and identities are all very different. All of them are important. So, as we all continue to process and take action in response to these issues, please consider how solidarity and allyship are perpetual, in times of both sorrow and joy.

—Punnya Kalapurakkel (I), Co-President