Spotlight on Mia Merullo (I)


Photo by: Kari Charles

Mia Merullo, seen in the front and center, not only acts, but also plays several instruments.

Mia Merullo (I) has been involved with music and acting for many years. What led to her passion for music and acting? Merullo played the clarinet from third to sixth grade, which she continued when she arrived at Boston Latin School in seventh grade before switching to chorus. Aside from this, Merullo has been singing her whole life, from singing with her grandma when she was young to being in choir at school and singing whenever she has time.

Merullo describes her experience in choir as enjoyable, but she says, “It’s been difficult now over Zoom, just because you can’t hear anybody singing, so you just have to do everything on your own.” She also recalls one of her favorite memories from choir: once, she initially didn’t get the solo that she wanted but ended up receiving it anyways because the person who had it couldn’t come to the concert. “They asked me five minutes before it to sing it,” she says, “so that was pretty cool.”

Singing has impacted Merullo in many ways, and being part of a group where people could sing all together makes her feel happy. She also believes that it has helped her with public speaking, because she felt more prepared for declamation after all her solo auditions.

Merullo is currently part of Wolfettes, one of BLS’s acapella groups, and hopes to join an acapella group in college. Mr. Ryan Snyder, a choir teacher at BLS, describes Merullo as immensely talented and energetic. He reflects on how she has grown throughout the years: “She has gotten more musical, [developed] a better ear and learned how to coordinate rehearsals. When she was younger, she was a student going through the process and learning how to become a leader, and now she is a leader.”

Apart from singing, Merullo also devotes a lot of time to acting, starting from when she was introduced to BLS’s Improv Troupe in seventh grade. After going to an introductory workshop, she was drawn in by the friendliness of the club. Ever since then, she has kept acting. Throughout seventh and eighth grade, Merullo was in multiple plays and musicals, including the One Acts, The Party, as well as Once Upon a Mattress. In tenth grade, she participated in the play Da Kink in My Hair. Merullo also directed a One Acts play in her junior year.

Merullo hopes that there will be opportunities in college for her to continue acting. Her friends have played a big role in supporting her acting and singing, as many of them act and sing as well. Merullo comments, “We all […] motivated each other.”

When she is not singing or acting, Merullo likes to crochet and paint in her free time. Although she no longer plays the clarinet, Merullo can play the piano and the ukulele, and is currently learning the guitar!

Congratulations, Mia, on all your accomplishments, and we can’t wait to see what you do on your next adventure!