Ronak Saluja (II) Sings in the All-National Honors Ensembles Program


Photo by: Ronak Saluja (II)

Ronak records himself singing for the All-National Honor Ensembles.

The All-National Honors Ensembles (ANHE) program was held virtually for the first time from January 7 to 9. According to the National Association for Music Education (NAfME), ANHE is “so much more than a musical showcase, [it] is a comprehensive and educational experience.” Ronak Saluja (II), who sings with the Boston Latin School chorus as a tenor, represented BLS at the event.

The ANHE was held virtually this year in light of the  COVID-19 pandemic, with the concert premiering online as a recorded performance. The NAfME states that the program also features “workshops with renown clinicians, […] a national college fair and mock auditions with instructional staff from the U.S. Army Music Program, U.S. Marine Corps Music Program and Schmidt Vocal Arts.”

Saluja, who sang in the mixed choir, describes the experience as “fun and engaging.” Although playing ensemble music in a virtual setting is difficult for conductors and musicians alike, Saluja appreciates his experience with the program.

“Our conductor was very engaging, even though she couldn’t see us,” he explains. “My favorite part of [the ANHE] was listening to a lot of the guest speakers because they had pretty interesting stories and were engaging overall.”

Aside from being a valuable learning experience, performing in the ANHE is a distinguished achievement. Mr. Ryan Snyder, director of high school chorus and teacher of AP Music Theory, explains that “only a select number of people get to participate in it because only a certain number of people from each state can participate.” He continues, “It’s a big honor. In my time at BLS, which is a long time now, I’ve only had one other student that has matched what Ronak has done.”

The preparation process for the ANHE, however, did not happen on its own. Mr. Snyder and the BLS music department have aided Saluja through his efforts in striving for such an achievement, and he is grateful for their help in his endeavor to play in the ANHE.

“I would like to thank Mr. Snyder because he pushed me to audition for Nationals; originally, I wasn’t going to because I thought I didn’t have a chance,” he says. He goes on to explain that “without [Mr. Snyder’s] help and the music department, who funded me a lot, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.”

Saluja attributes his ability to make it to the ANHE to working hard. His advice to other students is: “If you work hard and persevere, you can make any audition.”

Congratulations to Saluja for representing BLS in the ANHE!