Senior Spotlight: Nadine Han


Photo By: Andre Weiss (I)

Need a 20-minute rundown on the infeasibility of federal deficit spending? Wondering who keeps saying “Yooo, that’s actually big brain” from the computer lab? I’d lead you to Nadine, but she’s probably napping.

The entire scientific community still has yet to discover how Nadine does so much while having time to nap, making it one of the world’s biggest unsolved mysteries of all time (all while writing in her iconic font-like handwriting). Scientific mysteries are nothing for this captain of the science team, though, who casually finaled at the Broadcom MASTERS national science fair at an age when most of us are just trying to figure out why everyone keeps calling our backpacks too big.

In her free time besides managing the Argo, debate, dance and science team, Nadine has mastered the respected arts of Skribbl, forgetting her scarf and quirky Capitalization in random Parts of The sentence. Sure, she may have been the Public Forum debate champion in the state and the top Massachusetts team in Worlds Schools at the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) Nationals, but she’s also the most likely to have said XD unironically in middle school (Nadine, don’t bother trying to indict this). In fact, she was just named an Academic All-American by the NSDA, but I’m sure they’ll rescind it once they hear about the time she tried to nap at 8 P.M. and woke up at 8 A.M.

JK Nadine, we love you and your iconic laugh even though you use :< ( instead of emojis and weigh on argument clarity. Thank you for always being there and even waiting outside my house when I was asleep, and I mean it when I say you truly inspire all of us (to be as rawr XD core as you). Beyond your big brain and baby taste buds, you’re incredibly genuine, thoughtful and kind. You matter so much to us and I can’t imagine this school without my Taiwanese counterpart, but I know Nadine heg is nonunique wherever you end up. Keep shaking your head, shaking your head and don’t forget to bring the asparagus :<).